Nimbus Platform Review  –  Ponzi Scheme –  MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The web domain of the company was privately registered on the 10th Of March 2020 and was later updated on 2020–05–10. According to the site, the company is based out of Malta.

Heading up the company is CEO, Andrea Zanon. The website redirects Andrea Zanon link to his LinkedIn profile, but interestingly, his profile does not reflect that he holds any current position in the company.

In one of the marketing videos of the company posted on Youtube, Andrea Zanon claims to be a global financial executive with twenty years experience.

He also states that he is from Italy but he, however, typically lives between the US, Latin America and the Middle East.

So we are unsure if the company is really based out of Malta, if yes, then it must be registered as a shell company for banking purposes.

Nimbus Platform’s Products

The company has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market the affiliate membership itself.

Nimbus Platform’s Compensation Plan

The affiliates of the company invest in NMBT points at a rate of $1 to 1 NMBT. NMBT is the underlying currency of the company.

NMBT is then parked with Nimbus funds on the promise of advertised returns, as follows:

  • invest $350 to $1000 in NMBT and get a daily ROI of 0.25%
  • invest $1001 to $5000 in NMBT and get a daily ROI of 0.3%
  • invest $5001 to $30,000 in NMBT and get a daily ROI of 0.4%
  • invest $30,001 or more in NMBT and get a daily ROI of 0.5%

ROI Residual Commissions

The platform also pays residual commissions via a unilevel compensation structure, capped at twenty-five team levels. These Residual commissions are then paid out as a percentage of returns paid to downline affiliates across these twenty-five levels as follows:

  • level 1–50% (direct recruit)
  • level 2–25%
  • level 3–20%
  • level 4–15%
  • level 5–14%
  • level 6–13%
  • level 7–12%
  • level 8–11%
  • level 9–10%
  • level 10–9%
  • level 11–8%
  • level 12–7%
  • level 13–6%
  • level 14–5%
  • level 15–4%
  • level 16–3%
  • levels 17 to 20–2%
  • levels 21 to 25–1%

All the ROIs and commissions are paid in NMBT.

Joining Nimbus Platform

Joining Nimbus Platform affiliate membership is free. However, full participation in the attached income opportunity requires a minimum investment of $350 in NMBT.


The company markets itself as a fintech crowdfunding platform. But In real terms, it’s a simple Ponzi points scheme.

The NMBT token marketed in the company’s presentation holds no real value outside the company’s ecosystem. Nimbus has the ability to generate as much as NMBT tokens they want without incurring any cost (apart from erc20 token dev cost). The company can literally print tokens worth million dollars out of thin air, and in our words, these tokens are just ‘shitcoins’.

In a nutshell, the company’s affiliates sign up and hand over their money for worthless NMBT tokens.

Since all the withdrawals go through the company’s internal exchange, it is totally up to them to selectively honour withdrawals. They will keep on doing this until they feel like it or until the deposit side is greater than the withdrawals side.

Chances of Public-Exchange exit scam

Most of these MLMs that have their own tokens, first focus on creating hype or a bubble that generates demand.

When the demand for their tokens are at an all-time high, they list their token into a public exchange and pump the price. When they feel enough people are standing in the line to buy their dump, they dump all their tokens to the general public and do a runner.

Avalon App

The company also claims of generating external revenue through Avalon App. There is no evidence Avalon App exists or is engaged in arbitrage trading.

Securities Fraud

By providing passive income opportunity, the company is also committing securities fraud as an MLM company has to register with financial regulators in every jurisdiction it solicits investment in — in order to operate legally. The company provides no evidence it has registered with securities regulators in any jurisdiction.

Ponzi Scheme

As it stands, the only money going into the system is new investments by new affiliates. And using the new investment to honour existing withdrawals makes it a Ponzi Scheme. When the new funds stop coming in, the system will collapse, and the majority of the participants will lose money.