Nimbus – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

We are now going to take another look at Nimbus Platform for a refreshed review in response to a request from a ‘reader’ last month, who is alleging that “things (have) changed” 

The Company 

founded by CEO Andrea Zanon, he abandoned ship and was substituted by Fernando Martinho last September. 

Nimbus Platform’s website still names Martinho as CEO.

Martinho is operating out of London according to his LinkedIn profile. 

Nimbus Platform’s site supplies no official business address, however they still seem to operate under the auspices of Nimbus Platform LTD. 

Nimbus Platform LTD was incorporated as a shell co. in Malta. 

Nimbus Platform’s Products 

No physical retailable products or services are offered by Nimbus Platform: Nimbus affiliate membership is the only marketable entity that can be offered by Nimbus Platform affiliate’s. 

Nimbus’s Compensation Plan 

On the promise of a passive return, once invested in, NBU are seized by Nimbus Platform for 60 days. 

A 7 percent annual ROI is paidout on seized/parked NBU tokens, on the condition that an affiliate decides to park the tokens with Nimbus Platform following the compulsory 60 day period. 

When an affiliate cashes out NBU tokens through the internal exchange, funds are returned. 

The present internal value of the NBU tokens are not published by Nimbus Platform. 

Nimbus Platform pays all returns, commissions and bonuses in NBU tokens although real money is paid for them. 

A  confusingly complex percentage system is utilised to stagger payments: 

Daily rewards are paid , every reward is locked for 2 months and then steadily paid out automatically using the smart contract in fractions of twenty percent per month over a five  month duration. 

Referral Commission 

A ten percent referral commission on NBU tokens invested in by personally recruited affiliates is paidout by Nimbus Platform. 

Any NBU tokens acquired by the affiliate after initial investment also has ten percent paid on top. 

Swap Rewards 

Swap Rewards are paid by Nimbus utilising a unilevel compensation structure. 

A unilevel compensation structure is comprised of an affiliate positioned at the head of a unilevel team, with each affiliate that has been recruited personally positioned directly beneath them on the first level.

When affiliates on the first level recruit new affiliates, those are positioned on the second level of that first, head affiliate’s unilevel team. 

When those affiliates on level two recruit new affiliates, those affiliates are positioned on level three and so on along a hypothetically eternal series of levels. 

Using Nimbus Platform’s internal exchange, The Swap Reward is paidout as a percentage of tokens that are “swapped” for some other sum. 

The Swap Bonus is limited to six unilevel team levels with Nimbus, as follows: 

  • level one – 0.06% 
  • level two – 0.03% 
  • level three – 0.02% 
  • levels four and five – 0.015% 
  • level six – 0.01% 

Nimbus Platform Membership 

Nimbus Global’s site doesn’t disclose the price of its affiliate membership. 

To participate in the attached income opportunity, Investment in NBU tokens is necessary: This much, we can certainly ascertain. 

Just like the price of affiliate membership, the minimum required NBU token investment  isn’t disclosed. 


Although Nimbus surely has its excuses lined up, their original NMBT token Ponzi scheme folded. 

They’ve resuscitated their operations with NBU tokens that must have cost them around one minute to create, being on the ERC-20 platform. 

An Avalon trading bot was attached to the original Nimbus Platform Ponzi, for the time being, this looks like it’s been abandoned till later on in the year.

On this occasion, as well as NBU, Nimbus Platform has introduced a couple of fresh Ponzi scam  tokens; STAN and Nimbus Governance 

“Nimbus Governance Token (standard ERC-20) enables voting and Nimbus Platform transaction fee distribution among its holders. 

STAN is a stablecoin backed by USD with a 1:1 ratio. 

It helps Nimbus provide stability for users and offers multiple use-cases for users to benefit from it.” 

Nimbus has regressed as far as compensation goes, abandoning it’s hefty referral plan for a anemic swap bonus structure. 

Considering NBU costs Nimbus Platform nothing to create, being made of nothing but numbers, it is unclear why they have gone down this road. 

Nimbus Platform is not registered to offer securities In Malta, the UK or anywhere else. 

So basically Nimbus Global is committing securities fraud: the lack of any physical products or services also compounds the pyramid ponzi style of this ponzi scheme.  

It will obviously go the same way as all Ponzi scams, affiliates will dry up, so will internal investment, the whole thing will flop and dear Martinho will exit scam the hell out of there.

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