1 Click Trading System Review – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The company comes under the crypto-trading niche, run by Mr Richard Hornshaw and Mr Doyle Shuler.

It is unclear where the company is incorporated; however, Doyle Shuler is from South Carolina in the U.S. He is the author of many ‘wealth-building books’ and he even runs his own blog.

Amazon author

After running an online scan of Shuler, here is what we found:

  1. He was promoting ISN Coins in 2010–2011. The company lent itself to affiliate autoship recruitment. A gold themed Ponzi scheme.
  2. In 2010–2011 he was also seen promoting Preservation of Wealth — another gold themed Ponzi scheme. The website is down, but the link to the site is still on his twitter handle.
  3. He started promoting MLM opportunities related to cryptocurrencies in between 2016–2018 and silently opted out from gold-related MLMs.
  4. Since 2019, the man has promoted three crypto Ponzi schemes, namely, Kangot-committed securities fraud; My Passive Trades-a two-tier cycler scam and Sports Trading BTC.

A timeline of the online footprint of Richard Hornshaw:

He was seen promoting Global Mobile Network in 2017 and in 2018, Richard got interested in cryptocurrency and started promoting crypto scams.

  1. August 2018 — World Cryptocurrency 101.
  2. October 2018- Karatbars International (Scam).
  3. January 2019- HGFX Online & GoFounders.

Note: HGFX was a forex trading scheme that collapsed recently.

And then both the partners came up with their new venture, which is what we are reviewing today.

The domain was privately registered on September 2nd, 2019.

1 Click Trading System’s Products

The company has no products to offer, but it does provide a cryptocurrency trading signal service through its app. The company charges a monthly fee of $99 for this service.

However, there are no specifics of the said services on its site.

1 Click Trading System’s Compensation Plan

Anybody can sign up as the company’s affiliate by paying $99 for the monthly signal plan. And they receive their commissions when they recruit others who do the same. 1 Click Trading System pays recruitment commissions via a unilevel compensation structure.

1 Click Trading System pays $7 per affiliate recruited


It is highly likely that Doyle and Richard are using a 3rd party to provide crypto signals on behalf of the company because both of these guys don’t have any experience in trading.

And since they are serving the U.S. citizens too, they are required to disclose to the financial authorities about their trading service. We don’t see any certificate or disclosure on the website.

The company also has a pyramid scheme in place.

You are required to signup as an affiliate when you buy their signal service.

Note: 1 Click Trading System affiliates have to make back $1188 (monthly fee $99*12 = $1188) annually just to break even.

These signals services are risky because most of these signal providers are not licensed, and they are not ‘experts’ as they promise on their site.

In the past times, the founders have blamed the ‘anonymous’ developers of the company while suddenly closing its operation.


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