PGI Global – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

PGI Global is an acronym of Praetorian Group International. The company represents itself as a crypto-currency/MLM firm. 

The face of PGI Global is Philippines based RV Palafox (Ramil Ventura Palafox), also presented, according to a 2018 press release, as the President of ponzi scam AI Trade. It is significant to note here that The AI Trade scam was headed up by an individual known as Mark Davis, based in Australia, who is now listed as COO and Vice President of PGI Global.

The suspicious connections do not end there as it seems the aforementioned Palafox has occupied key positions in numerous other ponzi/MLM crypto scams such as CWE, Bitclub Network, Trade Coin Club, Airbit and USI Tech. Looks like Palafox is a seasoned actor within the Ponzi scheme stage.  

The Facebook page of PGI Global is chiefly administered from Australia and the Philippines where these two individuals Mark Davis and RV Palafox reside respectively. 

PGI Global Products 

The company does not offer any physical product or service. Affiliate members can only promote the PGI Global compensation plan in itself. 

PGI Global Compensation Scheme 

Affiliates invest based upon the representation of a 200% ROI. Affiliates join at one of the following tier levels according to the sum of their investment which is deposited as Bitcoin. 

  • Sapphire: $100 to $500 investment 
  • Ruby: $1000 to $10,000 investment 
  • Emerald: $20,000 to $100,000 investment 
  • Diamond: $500,000 or above investment 

Once an affiliate has earned the 200% return on an active investment, the sum must be re-invested in order to receive further returns. 

Weekly withdrawals of either ROI or referral commissions are capped at 50% according to the affiliate’s highest single investment amount. Any Withdrawals that are made incur an additional service fee of 8%.  

PGI Commissions on referrals  

Where an affiliate directly recruits a new affiliate, a commission rate, dependent on the original affiliate’s investment tier, is paid out to them on the new members fresh investment amount.  

  • Sapphire: 6%  

  • Ruby: 8% 
  • Emerald: 10% 
  • Diamond: 12% 

The amount an affiliate can receive in referral commissions also incurs a daily cap on level with their highest individual investment amount. 

PGI Residual Commission payouts 

The company applies a binary compensation model to pay out residual commissions. 

In the binary compensation model, an affiliate is positioned at the head of a so-called ‘binary team.’ Two more affiliates are positioned below the head affiliate to create two (binary- left/right) branches and the first level of the structure.

These two positions on Level 1 each branch out to accommodate a further 2 affiliates, totaling in 4 positions that together form Level 2 of the binary team. 

A theoretically infinite number of levels are generated in the same way, with double the number of affiliates occupying every subsequent level. The pattern duplicates itself as many times as is necessary and can expand to accommodate a limitless number of affiliates. 

Affiliates are recruited both directly and indirectly.  

The total of new funds invested, on the right and left branches of the binary team respectively, are totaled at the close of every day and thus the weaker side is identified.  A percent of that weaker side’s total is then paid out to affiliates in accordance with their investment tier ranking as follows: 

  • Sapphire to Emerald: paid 8% 
  • Diamond: 10% 

In order to earn on residual commissions, the affiliate must also personally recruit 2 further affiliates who also invest. As well as this, the commissions are capped level with the affiliate’s own highest single investment. 

The PGI ‘Boost Up’ bonus 

Affiliates are able to ‘boost up’ their commission rates (both referral and residual) if they meet the criteria for the bonus. In order to do so, the affiliate is given 30 days from the date of their membership registration to personally recruit two further affiliates who invest in the plan. If the total investment of the new recruits is level with or higher than that of the original affiliate, the Boost Up bonus can then be taken advantage of and commission rates are increased accordingly: 

  • Sapphire: 8% (referrals) and 10% (residual) 
  • Ruby: 10% (both referral and residual) 
  • Emerald: 12% (referral) and 10% (residual) 
  • Diamond: 15% (referral) and 12% (residual) 

The PGI ‘Rank Achievement’ Bonus 

On meeting the specified criteria affiliates can receive further benefits as outlined below: 

  • Praetorian Guard 1: personally recruit 2 affiliates who invest and generate a minimum of $50,000 downline investment (a bonus gift of a Montblanc branded pen) 
  • Praetorian Guard 2: Your down-line must include at least 2 Praetorian Guard 1s (on either side of the binary team (a bonus gift of the most recent iPhone/ Samsung cell phone model) 

  • Praetorian Guard 3: Your down-line must include at least 4 Praetorian Guard 1s and 2 Praetorian Guard 2s (a bonus gift of an Apple MacBook Air) 
  • Praetorian Guard 4: Your down-line must include at least 8 Praetorian Guard 1s, 4 Praetorian Guard 2s and 2 Praetorian Guard 3s (a bonus gift of a 5 day Asian cruise) 
  • Praetorian Guard 5: Your down-line must include at least 16 Praetorian Guard 1s, 8 Praetorian Guard 2s, 4 Praetorian Guard 3s and 2 Praetorian Guard 4s (a bonus gift of ra Honda Civic) 
  • Praetorian Guard 6 Your down-line must include at least 32 Praetorian Guard 1s, 16 Praetorian Guard 2s, 8 Praetorian Guard 3s, 4 Praetorian Guard 4s and 2 Praetorian Guard 5s (a bonus gift of a Rolex watch) 
  • Praetorian Guard 7 Your down-line must include at least 32 Praetorian Guard 2s, 16 Praetorian Guard 3s, 8 Praetorian Guard 4s, 4 Praetorian Guard 5s and 2 Praetorian Guard 6s (a bonus gift of a Mercedes Benz) 

  • Praetorian Guard 8 Your down-line must include at least 32 Praetorian Guard 3s, 16 Praetorian Guard 4s, 8 Praetorian Guard 5s, 4 Praetorian Guard 6s and 2 Praetorian Guard 7s (a bonus gift of a Model S Tesla) 
  • Praetorian Guard 9 Your down-line must include at least 32 Praetorian Guard 4s, 16 Praetorian Guard 5s, 8 Praetorian Guard 6s, 4 Praetorian Guard 7s and 2 Praetorian Guard 8s (gift of a Lamborghini Huracan) 
  • Praetorian Guard 10 Your down-line must include at least 32 Praetorian Guard 5s, 16 Praetorian Guard 4s, 8 Praetorian Guard 7s, 4 Praetorian Guard 8s and 2 Praetorian Guard 9s (a gift of a house as well as sports car) 

PGI Global Membership 

Membership to the PGI Global compensation scheme is dependent on investing in one of the following plans: 

  • Sapphire: $100 to $500 
  • Ruby: $1000 to $10,000 
  • Emerald: $20,000 to $100,000 
  • Diamond: $500,000 or more 

Affiliate investors also incur a $19 annual membership fee. 

As mentioned earlier, all investment and ROI transactions are conducted using BitCoin. 

PGI Global Conclusion 

The company asserts a flow of external revenue pooled from their corporate activities including various modes of trading, provision of ‘Blockchain education’, and the retail of crypto ATM machines. 

Note identical claims were made by the Palafox’s previous ponzi AI Trades with neither of these companies providing any actual proof of a real external revenue stream. Unsurprisingly, PGI Global fail to provide any evidence that ROI’s are paid out from any such external revenue source. 

Furthermore, like every Ponzi business model, PGI Global’s entire compensation structure defies the most basic logic.  With the representation of approx. 1% daily ROI, Palafox claims on a marketing video that PGI Global can in turn make a daily return of between 0.5% – 3%. With these kinds of returns, the executives at PGI Global surely have no requirement for your investment? 

The truth is the only obvious source of external revenue feeding into PGI Global is the NEW INVESTMENT OF AFFILIATE MEMBERS. Existing affiliates are paid out a ROI of 200% (presumably using new recruitment as the sole source of this revenue) equating to a MLM PONZI SCAM. As recruitment wanes, PGI Global’s source of revenue will dry up and inevitably collapse in the same way as Palafox’s previous ponzi ventures. When this occurs, we all know that the vast majority of affiliate members will lose investment.

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