PGI Global Review – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The web domain was registered privately on the 13th of April, 2020. The website does not provide any information about who owns or runs the company. But through online research, we found RV Palafox to be the President of the company. RV has been involved in AiTrades Asia in the past.

AiTrades Asia’s executives are on the run due to legal scrutiny from law enforcement. The team is said to have duped investors of a lot of money. And it won’t be a shock to us if the team behind PGI Global is same as AiTrdaes Asia.

At the time of writing this article, AiTrades Asia website ‘’ is still operational and both the companies share similar business models if not cloned.

This is already looking bad, but let’s stick together till the end of the review.

PGI Global Products

The company has no products or services to offer, but you can purchase their affiliate membership and start earning that way.

In order to make a passive income stream, one is required to invest in any of these investment plans:

  • Saphire — $100
  • Ruby — $1000
  • Emerald — $20,000
  • Diamond — $500,000

Annual fee — $19

The company only accepts payment in Bitcoins.

PGI Global Compensation Plan

Affiliates earn direct commissions and residual commissions through a binary compensation plan.

Rank and Bonuses

Below are the respective criteria of each level rank — total 10

  • PGI1 — $50,000 GV on both legs in binary | Bonus Item — Mont Banc Pen
  • PG2 — Maintain PG1 on the left leg, and PG2 on the right leg | Bonus Item — Smart Phone
  • PG3 — Have four PG1 and two PG2 anywhere in the binary | Bonus Item — Macbook
  • PG4 — Have eight PG1, four PG2 and two PG3 anywhere in the binary | Bonus Item — Cruise
  • PG5 — Have sixteen PG1, eight PG2, four PG3 and two PG4 anywhere in the binary | Bonus Item — Honda Civic
  • PG6 — Thirty-two PG1, sixteen PG2, eight PG3, four PG4, two PG5 anywhere in the binary | Bonus Item — Rolex
  • PG7 — Thirty-two PG2, sixteen PG3, eight PG4, four PG5, two PG6 anywhere in the binary | Bonus Item — Mercedes
  • PG8 — Thirty-two PG3, sixteen PG4, eight PG5, four PG6, two PG7 anywhere in the binary | Bonus Item — Tesla S
  • PG9 — Thirty-three PG4, sixteen PG5, eight PG6, four PG7, two PG8 anywhere in the binary | Bonus Item — Lamborghini
  • PG10 — Thirty-three PG5, sixteen PG6, eight PG7, four PG8, two PG9 anywhere in the binary | Bonus Item — House and car

Direct Commissions

Affiliates earn direct commissions on each direct recruits, and the payout percentages are as follows:

  • Saphire — receive 6%
  • Ruby — receive 8%
  • Emerald — receive 10%
  • Diamond — receive 12%

Residual Commissions

As said above, the company pays residual commissions via a binary compensation plan. These commissions are as follows:

  • Saphire — receive 8%
  • Ruby — receive 8%
  • Emerald — receive 8%
  • Diamond — receive 10%

Joining PGI Global

Affiliate membership is $19 per year and the minimum investment to get 0.5 to 3% daily ROI paid through weekdays until you hit 200% return, is $100.


One of the biggest concern about the company is its team. From the very first place, the team is looking shady, and its business plan is looking like AiTrades 2.0.

RV Palafox & Co. has a pretty lousy track record and is said to be on the run.

The company also doesn’t have any retail line to speak of, and they are serving clients from the U.S and Canada, which is illegal.

Also, there is no proof of external income coming into the company. This means that the only verifiable source of revenue going into the company is the new investment. PGI Global satisfies all the criteria of a typical Pyramid Scheme.

It is just a matter of time when new investment stops coming into the system, and the system collapses duping thousands of investors.

We do not recommend PGI Global at all!!

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