MarketPeak Review – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The company is headed by Sergej Heck, which is not an unknown name. He has quite a harsh online footprint. The man was associated with BeOnPush, a scheme that collapsed in 2017 due to its Ponzi nature. Sergej shares his past with two more companies, namely, Questra Global and Cryp Trade Capital — both shady!

Sergej Heck

The domain of the website was registered in 2010 but was later updated on the 7th of April 2020.

The company is incorporated in Dubai.

MarketPeak’s Products

Similar to so many of the MLM companies we review, MarketPeak does not have a product line to speak of. No goods/services are sold by the company.

MarketPeak’s Compensation Plan

Company’s affiliates invest in PEAK tokens-issued by MarketPeak.

  • Affiliate — invest $250 and get 5000 PEAK tokens
  • Marketer — invest $1000 and get 20,000 PEAK tokens
  • All-In — invest $2000 and get PEAK tokens plus a bonus of 10%
  • Enterprise — invest $7500 and get 150,000 PEAK tokens plus a bonus of 15%

Note: Affiliates receive commissions when they recruit new people.

Affiliates earn a commission by recruiting other people to join and do the same thing, with referral commissions being paid out via a unilevel system down to 10 levels of recruitment.

Residual commissions are present, too, with these being handled via a binary system.

Joining MarketPeak

As the company has no products/services to offer, there is only one way to join MarketPeak, that is, via becoming an affiliate. The minimum affiliate membership fee is $250. The number goes as high as $7500 depending upon the plans you choose.


More than the business model, the most important aspect of any company is its Team!

  1. Sergej Heck has a track record of being involved in so many notorious schemes. In the last 4 years, he has joined and left more than four shady companies.

2. And talking about the company’s products, PEAK tokens don’t hold any real-world value outside of the so-called MarketPeak eco-system. Tokens are just a way to make affiliates believe that they are buying into some product, but in reality, its just a gateway into the company’s Ponzi program.

3. The company is also committing securities fraud because they aren’t registered and are promising returns on investments. Well, the reason behind no registration is simple. They aren’t planning to stay here for long. In fact, their website domain is going to expire in April 2021.

Think about it, if a business is serious about its service and operations, would it go for only 1-year domain registration?

Since affiliates believe that PEAK tokens are listed on some external exchanges, and this implies that the company cannot scam them, we would urge them to read about similar business models that have closed gates in the past.

In simple terms, when new investors stop coming in, the MarketPeak system will collapse and will be forced to shut down — resulting in a massive public exchange exit-scam where a large number of tokens will be dumped at one shot. This has happened a million times, wonder why it may not happen again?

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