INBS International is Mainston 2.0 Review – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The web domain was registered privately on the 23rd of September 2019, and the domain expires this upcoming September.

After our online research, we can conclude that INBS International is Mainston 2.0. The company has created an illusion that both of these entities are different by showing each other as partners.

But in reality, both of these companies are run by the same people, i.e. Fabrice Kerherve and Patrick and Sandra Colin.

Fabrice Kerherve has a pretty lousy track record. He first came up with Mainston in 2014. Initially, it was a simple four-tier deep pyramid scheme that already collapsed back in 2018.

Then he came up with Flash4People in 2019, another Ponzi scheme. God knows what happened to it.

If you see, you would see that the website is up and running because our Ponzi champion Mr Fabrice revamped the website and the business model. Mainston 2.0 has now its native tokens named STON tokens that were aggressively dumped by Fabrice Kerherve & Co.

And guess what? Shitcoin STON was listed on the LATOKEN exchange which is infamous for questionable trading activity.

Lol! We know you have already lost it. But let us stick together until the end of the review.

INBS International’s Products

The company forces its affiliates to purchase in-house products each month if they want to participate in the attached MLM opportunity:

  • Rhin Blue — phycocyanin liquid energy supplement — Price £183 for four bottles of Rhin Blue
  • 5K — “particularly suitable for anyone looking for increased performance and an antioxidant effect (sports, students)” — Price £170 for four bottles of 5K
  • 10K — “this is our most powerful product in terms of the quantity of phycocyanin it contains” — Price £212 for four bottles of 10K

The company claims that all these products are manufactured in Europe.

INBS International’s Compensation Plan

The company’s compensation plan allows its owners to launder STON tokens for BTC, ETH or USDT

All the commissions tied to the affiliates are paid in STON tokens.

Commission Qualification

Each INBS International affiliate must purchase 90 PV worth of product each month to qualify and remain qualified to earn commissions from the company. In addition to that, they must also have two direct affiliates, each placed on both sides of the binary team.

Note: 90 PV equates to purchasing 4 bottles of any of the company’s products.

INBS International Affiliate Ranks

Within INBS International’s compensation plan, there are a total of 11 affiliate ranks. Each rank has its qualification criteria:

  • Explorer — generate 250 GV in accumulated weaker binary team volume
  • Challenger — generate 1000 GV in accumulated weaker binary team volume
  • Goldener — generate 2500 GV in accumulated weaker binary team volume
  • Noder — generate 5000 GV in accumulated weaker binary team volume
  • Pioneer — generate 10,000 GV in accumulated weaker binary team volume
  • Tokener — generate 20,000 GV in accumulated weaker binary team volume
  • Commander in Chain — N.A
  • Connector — N.A
  • Key Master — N.A
  • Satoshi — N.A
  • Satoshi Ruler — N.A

The company also pays its affiliates a whopping 17% of funds spent by directly recruited affiliates.

Other Payouts: Other payout plans include Residual Commissions; Matching Bonus; Merkle Rewards; Rank Achievement Bonus. These are aggressively incentivized plans aimed at acquiring new investments through affiliates.


The founders first successfully digested a large amount of money through Mainston. And now they are confident enough to pull out another sneaky scam.

In simple terms, INBS is another Ponzi business model looking to dupe investors because that’s what their team has been doing since 2014.

The company is using its products as a gateway to its PYRAMID scheme.

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