FX Farms Review – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The company claims of having an office in the United Kingdom but an online probe suggests that the address provided on the FX Farms website belongs to virtual office provider Regus.

The domain was registered on November 18th, 2019 — the details of the domain owner are kept private.

There is nothing more about the company on the website, so we don’t know who is running the company as their is no TEAM page on the site.

Hiring Actors

Not only the company is hiding its executives but its also using Actors and Models to create marketing videos.

The same person holds the post, Global Master — Affiliates in another MLM Ponzi, Kosmoh. Check out our expose on Kosmoh here.

Surfing through their YT channel, we spotted a video featuring the company’s Founder and CFO. Needless to say that these guys are also fake and the video has been shot using the green screen.

Now the question is if the company is not transparent and has dozen of lies and manipulative data present on its website and YT channel, then do you really think it deserves your money?

FX Farms’ Products

The company has no products or services to market. Their business model is simple — affiliates pump users into the system to get rewards, the users pump more users into the system as affiliates to get rewards — this runs in a loop.

Compensation Plan

The affiliates put their money into the system to get the following returns:

  • Base — invest between $25-$1500 and receive 1.5% a day for 140 days
  • Trader — invest between $1501-$10,000 and receive 1.65% a day for 150 days
  • Lead — invest between $10,001-$25,000 and receive 1.85% a day for 170 days
  • Eagle — invest between $25,100-$55,000 and receive 2.1% a day for 185 days
  • President — invest $55,500 or more and receive 2.45% a day for 205 days

Referral & Residual Commissions

The company pays referral commissions based on tiers. These tier titles are given to affiliates based on their investment. Following are the commission percentages:

  • Base to Lead tier affiliates get 5% as referral commission
  • Eagle tier affiliates get 6% as referral commission
  • President tier affiliates get 7% as referral commission

FX Farms pays residual commissions via a binary compensation structure.

There are also other lucrative bonus systems such as Rank Achievement Bonus, Royalty Bonus. Needless to say that the company has gone all out attracting new users through their aggressive bonus structures.


The investment opportunity provided by Fx Farms constitutes a security.

The company claims of having offices in the US and the UK. And selling securities without registering with SEC and FCA is illegal.

FX Farms is not registered with either the SEC or FCA.

The company has claimed that the external source of generating revenue is through forex trading, of which we couldn’t find any proof.

The minimum promised daily ROI of 2.45% is outrageous and fails the Ponzi logic test. For example, if a person invests $1000 for a period of 3 months, then the total compound ROI will be $8621, that is more than 8.6x in just 3 months.

The only verifiable source of income for the company is the new investment, and the company uses new investment to pay 2.45% ROI to its existing investors. This makes it an outright scam as when the new funds stop coming in, the system will collapse and only the hidden faces (owners) will churn a vast amount of profit.

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