Ride to the Future Review – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The company has not provided its address on the website, but however, in its marketing documents, there are pictures of the company’s office, situated in Panama. And as expected, we found that virtual office space provider, Regus owns the address provided on the marketing pdf.

The domain was registered in December 2018 and the details of the domain owner are kept private.

Interestingly, the company’s Facebook had an address of Germany and it terms itself as an internet marketing service. The Germany address on the Facebook page has been removed.

Heading up the company is Nair Segura. On her LinkedIn profile, there is no mention of Ride to the future. Instead, her top position on her LI page is “corporate communication consultant” based out of Panama.

Given the fact that Panama is a scam friendly jurisdiction and Segura being the spokesperson for many companies, we doubt whether she is ‘really’ running the company.

Ride to the Future’s Products

One of the most significant signs of an MLM Ponzi is that the company doesn’t have any products or services to offer. Instead, it makes money and distributes returns to its users with the help of new investment/new users.

Ride to the Future’s Compensation Plan

The affiliates invest cryptocurrency on the promise of enjoying advertised returns, minimum 1.25% daily:

  • B1,$99 in bitcoin and then $2 a month
  • B2, $249 in bitcoin and then $5 a month
  • B3,$499 in bitcoin and then $10 a month
  • S1,$999 in bitcoin and then $15 a month
  • S2,$2499 in bitcoin and then $38 a month
  • S3,$4999 in bitcoin and then $50 a month
  • G1, $9999 in bitcoin and then $100 a month
  • G2, $19,999 in bitcoin and then $200 a month

The company also pays commissions based on Affiliate Ranks, Referral Commissions, Residual Commissions, Rank Achievement Commissions and Global Pool Bonus. If you look at the numbers, then you will see that the company has a very aggressive MLM approach. Just for an example, The return on affiliate ranks ranges from $1000 to $9,600,000.

Joining Ride to the Future

The affiliate membership one-time fee is $45 on top of $99-$19,999 investment.

All payments and payouts are made through Bitcoin.


The claims of having an external source of revenue via Cryptocurrency trading and Forex trading.

Over 500 websites have used the same bite.

The company’s passive income opportunity passes the securities test. And we couldn’t find any documentation of securities reg on the site.

With aggressive payout structure and the company failing the Ponzi logic test, we as a result of this conclude that RTTF is yet another MLM Ponzi Scheme.

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