Artistic Universal Review- Ponzi Scheme- MLM Scam

Artistic Universal’s website contains no information regarding the company’s ownership or management. 

On October 3rd, 2021, Artistic Universal’s website domain (“”) was privately registered. 

As per Artistic Universal, it is a “New Zealand-based advanced program.” 

We’re not sure what an “advanced program” is, but there’s no proof to back up Artistic Universal’s stated links to New Zealand. 

If an MLM firm is not transparent about who runs or controls it, consider carefully before joining and handing over any money.

Artistic Universal’s Products

Artistic Universal has no items or services for sale. 

Affiliates may only promote Artistic Universal affiliate membership to other members.

Compensation Plan 

Artistic Universal’s affiliates invest tether (USDT) with the promise of a 500 % return on investment:

  • Iron – $50;
  • Bronze – $120;
  • Silver – $240;
  • Gold – $460;
  • Diamond – $1100;
  • Platinum – $2500;
  • Platinum – $2500;
  • Challanger (sic) – $4800;
  • Master – $7500;
  • Grand Master – $10,000.

Returns are paid in Artistic Coin (ARTC), a BEP-20 token developed by Artistic Universal. 

Artistic Universal’s MLM division offers commissions on affiliate investor recruiting. 

Although not specifically stated, I assume that all commissions and bonuses paid by Artistic Universal are in ARTC. 

Referral Commissions

A uni-level pay system positions an affiliate at the top of a uni-level team, immediately below whoever they individually recruit.

If any level 1 affiliates bring in new members, they are automatically put on the level 2 team of the original affiliate. 

If any level 2 affiliates bring in new members, they are automatically promoted to level 3 and down a theoretically limitless number of groups. 

Artistic Universal imposes a ten-level ceiling on payable uni-level team levels. 

Referral commissions are calculated as a percentage of tether invested at the following 10 levels: 

  • 1st level (personally recruited affiliates) – 15%;
  • level 2 – 7%;
  • level 3 – 5%;
  • levels 4 and 5 – 4%;
  • levels 6 to 10% – 3%.

Pool Bonus Policy

Artistic Universal deducts 50% of the USDT deposited to determine the Pool Bonus. 

The Pool Bonus is a passive investing strategy that generates a 500% annual return. 

  • Invest in the $20 Dreamer tier and receive $100;
  • Invest in the $50 Iron tier and receive $250; 
  • Invest in the $120 Bronze tier and receive $600;
  • Invest in the $460 Gold tier and receive $1200;
  • Invest in the $1100 Diamond tier and receive $2300; 
  • Invest in the $2500 Platinum tier and receive $5500;
  • Invest in the $4800 Challenger tier and receive $12,500; 
  • Invest in the $7500 Master tier and receive $37,500;
  • Invest at the $10,000 Grand Master tier and receive $50,000.

Universal Privilege

Artistic Universal withholds the Pool Bonus for an unspecified amount. 

This sum is then dispersed using “artificial intelligence” to affiliates in the Platinum, Challenger (sic), Master, and Grand Master investment tiers. 

This appears to be accomplished with an equal stake in four 25% smaller pools.

What’s Up With Staking?

Artistic Universal provides an extra passive investing possibility through staking. 

  • Invest between $100 and $500 and get 5% after 12 months;
  • Invest between $600 and $2000 and earn 7% after 12 months;
  • Invest between $2500 and $7000 and get 9% after 12 months;
  • Invest $9000 or more and earn 11% after 12 months. 

While the values listed above are in USD, Artistic Universal does not indicate the currency in which investment and rewards are made. 

Joining Artistic Universal

Affiliate membership in Artistic Universal is contingent upon a $20 to $10,000 investment in tether (USDT). 

Reinvestment is necessary to maintain a 500 % passive return.

Summing Up

As far as I can determine, Artistic Universal is an ARTC bagholder dump scheme. 

ARTC is expected to go live in September 2021.


I’m guessing whoever runs Artistic Universal invested substantially in the shitcoin, which has yet to take off (it’s a meaningless shitcoin). 

With the debut of Artistic Universal, the administration aims to unload their ARTC bags on hungry investors. 

These investors are enticed into Artistic Universal by the promise of a 500% ROI in the form of worthless ARTC. 

Meanwhile, the admin of Artistic Universal collects money, which they then cash out. 

Artistic Universal’s lousy spelling and language indicate that someone from a non-English speaking nation most likely manages it. 

India is a fantastic place to start because the company’s marketing is mostly aimed at Hindi speakers. 

In any case, between the ARTC investment program and pyramid recruiting, new money is the only source of revenue entering Artistic Universal. 

This has something to do with affiliate recruiting. When the water runs out, Artistic Universal will crumble. 

The arithmetic behind MLM Ponzi schemes ensures that the vast majority of participants lose money when they fail.

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