CoinOption Review – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The website (“”) provides no legal information about the company. We do not know where the company was incorporated, and its operations are regulated under which regulatory body.

Note: The company had UK’s incorporation details on its website, which is not there anymore. They just claim to have an office in London with no legal proof or address mentioned on the site. 

The website uses a simple plug & play WordPress theme with just its logo embedded on the header. We have also spotted some typos and grammatical mistakes on the website — this has been our number 1 tool on detecting whether the business is run by professionals or fraudsters. 

The domain was registered in June 2019 — the details of the domain owner are kept private. Looks like the domain ownership is going to expire in June 2020. Now the question arises if the company is really serious about its business since the owner only opted for 1-year domain registration? Especially if its an online trading platform?

And they claim to be operational since the last 4200 days? Lol, that’s almost 12 years. Bitcoin didn’t even exist back then. Maybe, they will clarify later they were catering to traditional financial services, but through our online research, we couldn’t find their existence even till 2018. 

We have already caught a dozen of red signals through our online research, but if you want more then let’s proceed to our next section. 

Outrageous ROI Claims

The company has gone all-out making humungous ROI claims. 

40 fucking percent in an hour? Any person with zero knowledge about how financial market works will instantly start dreaming of having good time in Las Vegas! Lol. 

The company is offering 4 different plans, returns ranging between 100%-250%. It is worth noting that the company doesn’t have any legit product to market. They just ‘accept investment’ and ask their existing members (affiliates) to recruit new users. 

Referral commissions on invested funds are paid out down three levels of recruitment (uni-level):

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) — 10%
  • level 2–15%
  • level 3–20%

Joining CoinOption

Joining the service is free. However, if one wants to enjoy full services then the website asks for a minimum investment of $500. 


The company claims of having external income via cloud mining. Like other similar MLM Ponzis, this company also doesn’t provide any proof in any form — of their mining operations. 

Now if you are still considering to read more reviews about this company, we have a simple question for you. If they are able to make you 40% every single hour, then why do they need your money? Because with an investment of $100 and an ROI of 40% every single hour, the profit+capital on the 24th hour stands at a whopping $229585.7 (with compound effect). It’s only possible when the company making these claims is a SCAM!

You can only participate in the system if you are investing, and the company users your investment to pay its existing users. This makes it a classic Ponzi. And like all Ponzi, once new funds stop coming in, the cash flow will dry and the company will collapse. 

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