D.D. Corporation Review – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The website (“e-volve.io”) provides no legal information of the company. We do not know where the company was incorporated, and its operations are regulated under which regional regulatory body.

The domain was registered on November 27th, 2019 — the details of the domain owner are kept private.

The connection between E-volve & D.D. Corporation

Dreams Digger or D.D. Corporation began its operations in mid-2019, and shockingly E-volve emerged just after DD Corp stopped paying out the rewards. Interestingly, the marketing side of E-volve is handled by the former D.D. Corporation affiliates.


The company acknowledged its collapse in January 2020, after failing to pay its users for 3-consecutive months. In the official acknowledgement, the CEO of the company Leonardo Araujo blamed programmers. But we can conclude that the company had a financial collapse and their funds ran dry.

As mentioned earlier, the promotion of E-volve began around the time of DD Corp’s collapse — the marketing notes gathered from the interest names the company’s founder & CEO as Simoni Volpi.

Netizens did an internet scan and found a 2016 article linking Simone to mining operations in Africa. The article revealed that the founder and CEO of E-volve holds Nigerian citizenship

E-volve’s — Products | Compensation Plan | Affiliate Ranks


The company has no products or services to market. Their business model is simple — affiliates pump users into the system to get rewards, the users pump more users into the system as affiliates to get rewards — this runs in a loop.

Compensation Plan

Minimum Invested for affiliates is 50 Eur to become eligible for weekly returns.

Affiliate Ranks

There are five affiliate ranks within E-volve’s compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

Associate — generate 1000 points

Executive 5K — generate 5000 points

Executive 100K — generate 100,000 points

Millionaire — generate 100,000,000 points


Referral: Affiliate earn 5% of funds deposited by their referrals

Residual: Commission via binary compensation structure

Residual MLM Compensation Plan — To qualify for residual commissions, an E-volve affiliate must personally recruit two investing affiliates.

Residual commissions are capped depending upon the ranks of the affiliates, and these five affiliate ranks can earn up to:

  • Associates: EUR 500
  • Executive 5Ks: EUR 1000
  • Executive 30Ks: EUR 3000
  • Executive 100Ks (N.A.)
  • Millionaires: EUR 5000

It is not yet clarified whether the above caps are weekly or daily.

Matching Bonus Structure

E-volve affiliates earn a Matching Bonus on downline residual commission earnings.

The Matching Bonus is paid out down five uni-level team levels:

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) — 7%
  • level 2–5%
  • level 3–4%
  • level 4–3%
  • level 5–1%

Bottom Line

The company has been successful in marketing that they generate revenue through crypto arbitrage and trading. The company officially states that they use high-frequency arbitrage bots to generate ROI revenue.

DD Corp gave the same statements about their business model with no genuine evidence. The company E-volve is not registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction. And it’s also creepy to consider that the top investors of DD Corp abandoned the ship and jumped into E-volve before the funds in DD Corp went dry.

It is as a result of this, concluded that it’s just a matter of time when E-volve runs out of funds and stops its operations.

Names are different; operations are the same. Once recruits stop coming into the system, the system will fail, and your money will be gone.

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