Clube 365 Review – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

From the looks of the website (“”), it appears that the company and its team are from Portugal. However, the site doesn’t provide any legal information about the company.

The domain was registered in December 2019, and the details of the domain owner are kept private. This implies that these guys are either new or this is just one of their new scam businesses.

After doing online research, we finally found the face behind this company, Sann Rodrigues. This guy was recently reported fleeing Brazil. Rumours suggest that San is currently hiding in Portugal.

The same guy was marketing another Ponzi MLM iFreeX back in 2014 and was pretending that he wasn’t running it.

The company portrays itself as a ‘non-investment company’ where they claim that they do not need any investment from its users.

Do not give your money to anyone. We are not an investment company. We are a club of friends who share financial intelligence tools.

Ironically, the company do take investments and try to give a secured feel to its users that their funds are still in their own hands. This is an industry cliche where the fraud companies try their best to convince that they are not here to take money out of their user’s pockets.

Clube365 is the first 100% decentralized and 100% automatic system. Your money is 100% in your own account at the company you choose. Only you have access.

Comments are turned off on some of their popular YT Videos


Like every other Ponzi MLMs, the company also claims to have corporate relationships with Industry giants like Bitmex (a top Bitcoin Derivatives exchange) and Ic Markets (top forex broker). It’s just a matter of time when these scammers will start claiming of having ‘partnerships’ with The White House lol

Clube365’s — Products | Compensation Plan | Commissions


The company has no products or services to market. Their business model is simple — affiliates pump users into the system to get rewards, the users pump more users into the system as affiliates to get rewards — this runs in a loop.

Compensation Plan

Below are the compensation plans:

Clube 365 affiliates deposit bitcoin with third parties and then hand over control of the funds to Clube 365.

  • Clube Junior affiliates deposit $500 with BitMex, $2000 with ICMarkets, $200 with Binary and $375 with Bet365
  • Clube Professional affiliates deposit $5000 with BitMex and ICMarkets, $500 with Binary and $750 with Bet365
  • Clube President affiliates deposit $10,000 with BitMex and ICMarkets, $1000 with Binary and $1250 with Bet365
  • Clube President VIP affiliates deposit $100,000 with BitMex, $1,000,000 with ICMarkets, $1000 with Binary and $2000 with Bet365

The company then handle the funds remotely and claim to generate income via forex trading, crypto trading, betting on binary options and sports arbitrage.

We couldn’t find any specific plan that draws out monthly returns statistically, but a presentation on the website markets a monthly return between 15% to 30%.


The company pays Residual Commissions via a uni-level structure

  • Clube Junior affiliates earn 25% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)
  • Clube Professional and President affiliates earn 25% on level 1 and 5% on levels 2 to 5

Joining Clube365

There are currently four affiliate membership tiers:

  • Clube Junior — $72 a month
  • Clube Professional — $144 a month
  • Clube President — $239 a month

The company accept payments in Bitcoin only


It is very easy to dupe people when you claim that ‘your money is in your account’. This a quite a popular strategy to win customers. These companies scam you when you handle over your account to them

When thousands of people put their accounts under these company’s control, these fraudsters start making bad trades in their favour.

These are the points that immediately pushes the red buzzer:

  1. Why would a company hide its team?
  2. Why don’t they provide any office address on the site?
  3. Why they are seeking payment in a way — that is unrecoverable and untraceable — Bitcoin.
  4. Why isn’t there any Press Release or even a single article regarding these partnerships on the net?
  5. Why arent they clear about their investment/trading plans?
  6. They are offering securities without any documentation on their website. This makes their offering ILLEGAL
  7. If their trading bots are so profitable, then why aren’t they running it for themselves?

Do consider these points while making any investment decisions in an MLM company that makes similar promises. For us, CLUBE 365 is an outright scam!!

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