OnPassive – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

Following a 3 year period of stalling and hardly the AI marketing suite we were led to believe was on the cards, OnPassive has finally launched their first marketable product ‘O-Cademy’. 

 O-cademy is a very basic, bog-standard education platform which students can log-in to and access courses translated via AI. The platform can accommodate a limitless number of courses from anywhere on the globe and a limitless number of students therefore attracting educators via the potential of endless revenue. The trouble is Google Translate’s API is well established and provides an equivalent tool that is by and large free.  

Heading up O-Cademy is Ash Mufareh, marketing the platform to the global army of underpaid educators. As the platform is totally non-specific there is no restriction on course subject or cap on the amount of courses an educator can provide therefore, they can choose to charge per student or per lesson and generate a theoretically limitless revenue.  

It also exposes the reality that Ash Mufareh has done little more than program a platform that individuals can log into, hardly groundbreaking stuff! O-Cademy is no different to the countless existing online education platforms. Mufareh however, isn’t shy about making totally unfounded, outlandish and frankly incoherent marketing claims such as a professional forecast of :  

“Professionals forecast 100 Million consumers before the end of our first. Post-launch year.” “Post-launch year” being the operative phrase of this nonsense promo spiel.

OnPassive affiliates still have nothing to show for the $97 membership fees they paid back in 2018…

A matrix pyramid script is utilised to order OnPassive’s compensation plan. All One Passive’s boss, Ash Mufareh needs to do to fire it up is press start. 

Three years down the line, only funds from affiliates have entered the company and from there, directly into Mufareh’s pocket.

Whether it’s an AI Chat Bot downloaded from a different platform and a new “me too” education e-resource (which seemingly anybody is able to register as a “Creator” on), we’re now counting down the minutes till Mufareh copies his next service.  

Three actual years of prelaunch. 

“How to make millions ripping people off with AI and marketing buzzwords…” This would be the ideal first lesson on the O-Cademy course.

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