BloxTec Review: Ponzi Scheme- MLM Scam

As per BloxTec’s Terms and Conditions section, Mirollex criminals have resurfaced with a new Ponzi scheme. 

BloxTec’s Terms of Service state: 

“The Bloxtec Inc., which is legally associated with Mirollex, retains the right to amend these conditions at any moment without previous warning or notification of the modifications.” 

BloxTec’s Terms of Service were written on September 27th. In February 2021, the company’s website domain was privately registered. 

Mirollex was not mentioned on Bloxtec’s website at the time of publishing. 

Mirollex started in late 2020, promising investors a daily return of 6.8 percent. 

Boris, Mirollex’s CEO, revealed himself as an actor in early May 2021. 

Mirollex launched its exit scam on May 18th, culminating on May 23rd. 

Mirollex is thought to have been operated by Eastern European con artists. 

BloxTec claims to be based in the United Kingdom, under the shell business BlockTech Limited. 

The utilization of a UK shell corporation is not by chance. Companies House, the UK’s corporate regulator, allows anyone to set up a shell company for free and without verification. 

BloxTec affiliates spend $10 to $3000 in bitcoin in exchange for daily rewards of up to 15%. 

A 5% single-level referral commission is provided on bitcoin invested by personally recruited affiliates. 

BloxTec, like Mirollex, will fail when affiliate withdrawals outweigh new investments. 

Math assures that the vast majority of Ponzi scheme participants lose money. 

BloxTec has instituted an advanced fee scam as of October 20th, 2021. 

Before they can withdraw, affiliate investors must pay a fee. 

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