GainBTT Review: A BitTorrent Token Ponzi Scheme

GainBTT’s website reveals no information regarding the company’s ownership or management.

GainBTT provides UK incorporation data for GainBTT LTD in an attempt to seem official.

An MLM company situated in the United Kingdom or claiming to be based there is cause for concern.

In the United Kingdom, incorporation is dirt cheap and virtually uncontrolled. Furthermore, the United Kingdom’s leading financial regulator, the FCA, does not actively enforce MLM-related securities fraud.

As a result, the UK is a popular choice for fraudsters seeking to incorporate, run, and bogus market businesses.

Alexa presently ranks India (36 percent) and Sri Lanka as the major traffic sources to GaintBTT’s website (31 percent ).

Someone from one or both nations is almost certainly controlling GainBTT.

GainBTT’s website appears to support this:

“You may build a social network with GainBTT, and they can give the best prospects for you and your career.”

GainBTT’s marketing also used the phrase “crores.”

A crore is equal to ten million. The term is most often used in India, although it is also used in neighboring nations.

If an MLM firm is not transparent about who runs or controls it, consider twice before joining and turning over any money.

GainBT’s Products

GainBTT does not provide any retailable items or services.

Affiliates can only promote GainBTT affiliate membership.

The Compensation Plan

GainBTT affiliates invest BitTorrent Token (BTT) in exchange for the following advertised returns:

  • Invest 2250 BTT and get 225 percent;
  • Invest 4500 BTT and get 250 percent;
  • Invest 9000 BTT and get 270 percent;
  • Spend 45,000 BTT and get 300 percent;
  • Invest 90,000 BTT and get 360 percent;

GainBTT dividends are paid daily in the range of 1% to 10% until the caps above are met.

GainBTT’s MLM division offers commissions on affiliate investor recruiting.

The Referral Commissions

GainBTT compensates affiliates with residual commissions using a binary compensation mechanism.

A binary compensation system positions an affiliate at the top of a binary team divided into two halves.

The binary team’s initial level contains two slots. The binary team’s second level is produced by dividing these initial two places into two additional ones each.

Subsequent levels of the binary team are formed as needed, each level containing twice the number of slots as the preceding level.

Binary team positions are filled through recruiting of affiliates.

On both sides of the team, residual commissions are earned at a rate of 10% of invested funds.

Take note that the initial residual commission payment is a 2:1 match.

That is, for a GainBTT affiliate’s first residual commission run, the amount matched on one side of the binary team must be double the amount matched on the other side.

For instance, $10 on one side and $20 on the other. $20 matched by a $40 wager on the other side, and so on.

Following the initial run, matching funds are matched 1:1 on both binary team sides.

The Manager Bonus

Manager Incentive GainBTT affiliates with 500 affiliates on both sides of their binary team get a 3% residual commission rate bonus.

This is referred to as manager qualification.

To maintain Manager status, a GainBTT affiliate must recruit affiliates that invest a minimum of 40 SH points every week.

What’s Up With the Rewards?

GainBTT provides extra BTT to affiliates that meet binary team investment goals.

Invested packages and “SH points communicate these milestones”:

  • A 2250 BTT investment yields one SH point, whereas a 4500 BTT investment yields two SH points;
  • Investing 9000 BTT gets 4 SH points;
  • A 45,000 BTT investment results in the generation of 20 SH points;
  • A 90,000 BTT investment results in the generation of 40 SH points;

SH points are scored on both sides of the binary team as part of the rewards qualification criteria:

Generate 4 SH points and earn 450 BTT;

  • Generate 20 SH points and earn 1800 BTT;
  • Generate 40 SH points and earn 3600 BTT;
  • Generate 200 SH points and earn 18,000 BTT;
  • Generate 400 SH points and earn 72,000 BTT;
  • Generate 400 SH points and earn 72,000 BTT;
  • Generate 2000 SH points and earn 360,000 BTT;
  • Generate 4000 SH points and earn 1,800,000 BTT;
  • Generate 20,000 SH points and earn 3,600,000 BTT;
  • Generate 40,000 SH points and earn 10,000,000 BTT;
  • Generate 100,000 SH points and earn 50,000,000 BTT;
  • Generate 100,000 SH points and earn 50,000,000 BTT.

A minimum investment of 2250 BTT is required to participate fully in the associated income opportunity.

GainBTT raises funds with an in-house app.

Summing Up

GainBTT is a straightforward MLM crypto Ponzi scheme.

Affiliates are invited to join and invest in BitTorrent Token. This is done in exchange for the assurance of advertised returns.

GainBTT does not have any confirmed income streams other than new investment. GainBTT is a Ponzi scam utilizing this new investment to pay rewards.

GainBTT’s MLM component recycles deposited funds to pay recruiting commissions, thereby adding a pyramid structure to the plan.

As is the case with many MLM Ponzi scams, as affiliate recruitment dwindles, new investment dwindles too.

This will deprive GainBTT of ROI income, resulting in its ultimate demise.

The mathematics behind Ponzi schemes ensures that the vast majority of participants lose money when they fail.

The current version of GainBTT is promoted as “2.0”.

This means that the original GainBTT Ponzi scheme has already failed. This is significant given that the plan is just a few months old.



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