Unitex Capital Review – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

Unitex-capital.com is a high yield investment program or HYIP that operates under the cryptocurrency MLM niche. 

The domain was registered in January 2019, and the details of the domain owner are kept private.

However, the company claims to be operating since 2017. 

Unitex Capital is a commercially successful project that has provided risk-free and stable income to New Zealanders since 2017.


The company represents its incorporation as Unitex Capital Limited in New Zealand. Running the company as Director is Mr Matthew Stevens, and we couldn’t find much info about him on the internet. 

When we analysed the traffic demographics of the website, we found that the top 3 regions where the domain is famous are – Brazil, Russia and Vietnam. This data shows that the real owner of the company isn’t operating from New Zealand. 


Adding to the lies about the company on the site, there is no information about the team. The company claims of having ‘Big Team of highly qualified and carefully selected global experts and enthusiasts of everything related to cryptocurrencies‘ yet ashamed of showing its expert’s faces on the public?

Unitex Capital’s Products

One of the most significant signs of an MLM Ponzi is that the company doesn’t have any products or services to offer. Instead, it makes money and distributes returns to its users with the help of new investment/new users.

Unitex Capital’s Compensation Plan

The company accepts investment from affiliates in USD, Bitcoin & Ethereum anticipating a minimum daily return of 1.3% for 18 days. 

Technically, it’s impossible to generate a consistent daily ROI of 1.3% for 18 days or say 123.4% ROI in 18 days. Yet, the company is promising a maximum daily return of around 4.2% for 204 days, or better say 956.8% in 204 days. 

So if you invest $10000, you will get back $99500 or 9.5x your money in just 204 days, which is impossible!!! 

Note: The afore-mentioned investment plan is related to the company’s ‘USD Investment Plans’. The company advertises a couple of more investment plans, namely ‘BTC Investment Plans’ & ‘ETH Investment Plans’. The ROI of these plans are similar to that of the ‘USD Investment Plans’. 

Unitex Capital Affiliate Ranks

There are eight affiliate ranks within Unitex Capital’s compensation plan. Becoming an affiliate requires zero fees, but it enables one to recruit new people or directly invest in the company’s plans. 

Warning!! Affiliate Plans are Shady!!!

The company asks its affiliates to convince people to invest a minimum of $50,000 to get promoted to a higher affiliate rank and enjoy more benefits. 

And the ‘Required Structural Turnover’ goes as high as a whopping $30 Million. Wow!!


The company claims of generating revenue through trading cryptocurrencies but does not provide any proof of its trading activities at all. 

A computer-generated sheet does not qualify as genuine income proof. 

Unfortunately, after reviewing the site, its domain registration, its shady incorporation, we conclude that the company’s promises fall on false grounds. It’s payout structure and aggressive affiliate plan make it a Ponzi because it is impossible to generate such ROI in such a short time. 

The company will stop paying out once new investment stops coming in!

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