Review – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

Website and Company Information

The domain was registered privately on 26th of February 2020.

The company terms itself as an Investment Company but provides no details about the team. Usually, this happens when there is no team, only a couple of guys doing their thing.

Furthermore, on its website, the company claims of being active since 693 days which we find an absolute lie because:

  1. Their website went live on the last week of Feb 2020
  2. We checked old footprints of the site, and it showed 693 days even back in February meaning that the number is imaginary and they aren’t updating it.

The company tries to give a feel of being very active. When you visit their site, you will see the number of live visitors.

This is fake because these numbers are not live.

The company also tries to look genuine by providing a shady UK incorporation certificate on its site.

The UK is one of the most favourable jurisdictions for scammers, and 90% of all the shady MLMs are registered in the UK. Also, UK incorporation is dirt cheap.

Although, we took things in our hands and checked whether they are really incorporated in the UK, and we couldn’t find any UK Companies House records. A BIG RED FLAG!


The testimony page of this site is fake. The admins imported the comments from one of their previous scam ventures- Bitearn

Now the thing is if a company is not transparent, then do you really think they deserve your money?

Coin-Gen’s Products

Just like other ‘questionable’ MLMs, Coin-Gem does not have any relatable products or services to offer. The company only sells its MLM plans.

Compensation Plans

The affiliate membership is free. The company has 4 investment plans for its affiliates.

  • Elite Plan — invest between $50-$25,000 and get a110% ROI in 1 day.
  • Expert Plan — invest between $500-$75,000 and get a130% ROI in 2 days.
  • Deluxe Plan — invest between $3000-$150,000 and get a 150% ROI in 3 days.
  • VIP Plan — invest a minimum of $5000 or more and get a 300% ROI in 1 day.

The company also pays its affiliates referral commissions through a uni-level structure.


There is no proof of income on the company’s website. The certificate of incorporation is fake.

We could find any revenue stream that the company has deployed to pay its affiliates. This means that the affiliates get paid only through new investments from new users.

The company is promising a 300% ROI in just 24 hours. That’s insane!!!- said Mr Buffet.

Common sense says that it is impossible to able to generate 300% ROI in just 1 day and yet these guys are asking a minimum investment of $50 in their starter plan. They just want your money!

With no team representing the company, and all the fake data on the site, Coin-gem is an absolute scam that promotes outrageous lies on its website.

You know the drill when new funds stop coming in, the company collapses.

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