2*1 Matrix Cycler Review – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The website provides no legal information about the company. We do not know who is running the website and from where? 

The company’s website was privately registered on January 28th 2020. 

The website develops are so lazy that they haven’t even completed filling their WordPress website with content. We could easily spot some ‘Demo Content’ that comes with every WordPress Theme. 

Testimonials are fake with demo content and stock images

As said earlier above, the company has not listed its team on the website, we ran online research in regards to who is promoting this company. We found Johnny Ganoza actively involved in promoting this project, and our extensive research revealed that Jonny was also involved in promoting other MLM Ponzis (now closed). Some of the names of the projects are as follows:

Xtreme Pro System (2014)

Average Joe Profit System (2015)

PowerPost Profits (2015)

The PLR System (2015)

The $100 System (2016)

Paytron BTC (2019).


The company has not products or services to market. It only sells affiliate memberships and has a system in place that rewards affiliates to pump in more users in the system. 

Unity Line Builders’ Compensation Plan

Unity Line Builders affiliates purchase positions in a six-tier 2×1 matrix cycler.

Meaning that an affiliate only needs to recruit two users under it. 

Once both positions in a matrix are filled, a cycle commission is paid out and a new position on the same cycler tier is created.

The six-tier cycler commissions are as follows:

  • Unity 1 costs $35 — payout $25 in commission and generates a new Unity 1 position
  • Unity 2 costs $50 — payout $35 in commission and generates a new Unity 2 position
  • Unity 3 costs $75 — payout $50 in commission and generates a new Unity 3 position
  • Unity 4 cost $150 — payout $100 in commission and generates a new Unity 4 position
  • Unity 5 costs $300 — payout $200 in commission and generates a new Unity 5 position)
  • Unity 6 costs $600 — payout $450 in commission and generates a new Unity 6 position

There is also a bonus structure in the place known as Matching Bonus.


Joining the affiliate membership program is free. But if one wants to enjoy a passive income opportunity then it will cost them a minimum of $35 for the minimum amount cycler purchase. 

Full participation in Unity Line Builders costs $1210.



With a bad track record of Johnny Ganoza and some major red flags on the website, we do not have a single reason to say anything good about the project. 

There have been similar business models in the past, for example PayTron BTC (2*2 Matrix cycler) and yes the company did collapse, trapping its participants to this day. 

It is the admin (in this case, Johnny) only who takes the most of the funds share. 

And as the recruitment of new affiliates becomes slow, it will create a ripple effect finally leading to system overhaul. And guess what? Your money will be long gone!

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