Active Coin Trade Review  – Ponzi Scheme  –  MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The web domain of the company was registered on the 14th of November 2019. The company does not provide any information about the owners of the company, instead, it has listed its team as ‘Our Leaders’ in the About Us page. 

The photos and names provided here appear to be fake and stolen. And despite their launch in 2019, the company falsely claims to be operating in the U.K since 2013. 

In an attempt to look genuine, the company provides its incorporation that goes by the name “Ebico Investment & Trade Limited”. Ebico Investment & Trade Limited was registered in December 2016 and their incorporation was dissolved in March 2020. And of course, the incorporation has nothing to do with Active Coin Trade.

Fact: The UK is one of the most favourable jurisdictions for scammers, and 90% of all the shady MLMs are registered in the UK Also, UK incorporation is dirt cheap.

Active Coin Trade’s Products

The company has no retail option to speak of, it only has its affiliate membership program to fulfil their MLM side of the business. 

Active Coin Trade’s Compensation Plan

The affiliates invest funds on the promise of advertised returns. Below are the advertised packages: 

  • Basic — invest a minimum of $300 and get 135% over 7 days
  • Standard — invest a minimum of $500 and get 150% over 30 days
  • Professional — invest between $2500 to $7500 and get a 3% to 9% daily return “forever”
  • VIP — invest a minimum of $10,000 or more and get a 300% return over 30 days

Active Coin Trade also pays referral commissions on invested funds down two levels of recruitment (unilevel):

  • 8% on level 1
  • 5% on level 2

Joining Active Coin Trade

Joining as an affiliate is free but full participation in the attached income opportunity requires a minimum investment of $300.


The company claims itself as “the brokerage arm of mega-bank Cooperative bank”. And ironically they didn’t mention the name of the bank of its site. 

Active Coin Trade also claims to be generating external revenue through “online trading, investment choices (and) powerful trading platforms”. But we didn’t see any proof yet. So we can conclude that their only source of income is new investments. 

Active Coin Trade also fails the Ponzi Logic Test. Because, if the owners are able to make 15% a day, what do they need your money for?

As always, this company also uses new investments to reward existing affiliates and the loop goes on. This will keep happening until new investments stop coming in and when this happens it will trigger a system collapse. 

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