Bitalium Review  –  Ponzi Scheme  –  MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The web domain of the company was privately registered on the 10th of February 2020 and was later updated on 2020–05–23. The website doesn’t provide any information about the team of the company; however, their official youtube video features, Samuel D. Walch, as the CEO.

A closer look at the marketing video suggests that Mr Ceo is reading a script for the video. Ironically, there is no digital footprint of this guy outside the Bitalium’s ecosystem.

Now before we move on to the next section, always remember if a company is not transparent about its corporate structure, then you should be very careful giving your hard-earned money to them.

Aldamax’s Products

The company does not have any retail products or services to offer, but only its affiliate membership program.

Note: All the MLM companies must provide a retail option if they are serving clients in the U.S and Canada.

Bitalium’s Compensation Plan

The affiliates invest funds on the promise of the following returns:

  • Basic plan — invest anywhere from $100 to $999 and get a daily ROI for 180 days
  • Premium plan — invest anywhere from $1000 to $4999 and get a daily ROI for 210 days
  • Business plan — invest anywhere from $5000 to $14,999 and get a daily ROI for 240 days
  • Platinum plan — invest anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 and get a daily ROI for 270 days

The company markets its daily ROI on investment as up to 1.4% a day.

Residual Binary Commissions

Bitalium has both Binary and Unilevel commission payment structures. Let us first talk about the Binary payment structure.

These commissions depend upon the investment volume of a Bitalium affiliate:

  • Basic Tier — Affiliates that invest anywhere from $100 to $999 receive a 12% residual binary commission rate
  • Premium Tier — Affiliates that invest anywhere from $1000 to $4999 receive a 15% residual binary commission rate
  • Business Tier — Affiliates that invest anywhere from $5000 to $14,999 receive an 18% residual binary commission rate
  • Platinum Tier — Affiliates that invest anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 receive a 21% residual binary commission rate

It is unclear about the frequency of the binary compensation payout.

Residual Unilevel Commissions

The company also pays commissions via a unilevel payment structure capped at five levels. These commissions are paid out as a percentage of 33% of funds invested across these 5 levels as follows:

  • level 1 (direct recruits) — 15%
  • level 2–12%
  • level 3–9%
  • level 4–6%
  • level 5–3%


Another reward system in Bitalium is ‘Prizes’. Bitalium affiliates also get rewarded with prizes for generating downline investment volume. The respective criteria per gift are as follows:

  • Accumulated binary team volume — $25,000 | Reward — iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Accumulated binary team volume — $100,000 | Reward — MacBook
  • Accumulated binary team volume — $200,000 | Reward — ‘Exotic Trip.’
  • Accumulated binary team volume — $500,000 | Reward — Rolex Date just 36 watch and access to Bitalium’s “office program.”
  • Accumulated binary team volume — $2,000,000 | Reward — “unique car fund” and “ambassador contract.”
  • Accumulated binary team volume — $8,000,000 | Reward — “premium car fund” and access to Bitalium’s “shareholding program.”
  • Accumulated binary team volume — $15,000,000 | Reward — “luxury villa on [sic] Bali worth $500,000”

Note: The company also has an office program where they share the office rent with you if you decide to open a new Bitalium office.

The Ambassador Contract provides a “stable monthly salary”. And the Shareholding Program allows affiliates to ‘become shareholders of (Bitalium’s) exchange’.

Joining Bitalium

The minimum investment required to join Bitalium’s affiliate membership is $100.


Just like other Investment management MLMs, these guys also trade for you and give daily ROI on your investment. And like every other investment management MLM Ponzi, they fail to provide any evidence that could back their claim.

Not only that, Bitalium doesn’t even have any certificate of incorporation on the site. They are also soliciting investment opportunities without having any registrations with any financial regulators. This is absolutely illegal!

Why aren’t they registered with any financial regulators? Well, the answer is simple — They are running a Ponzi scheme and the mice cannot afford to knock the Cat’s door.

They are also in the middle of launching their own Bitalium token; this will allow them to print or deploy millions of tokens and use these tokens as a reward medium. And eventually, pull out a shitcoin exit-scam. The exit-scam happens when top investors and the company’s executives pump the token on public exchanges and facilitate insider trading and when the right time comes, they dump all these tokens leaving the bag holders stranded in the middle of a financial crisis.

And before the time you take any action, these fraudsters would have launched their new money-making machine.

Bitalium is your typical Pyramid scheme that rewards old users using the funds invested by new users. And when the right time comes, they will close the business, and your money will be gone!

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