Etherz Review  –  Ponzi Scheme  – MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The web domain of the company was privately registered on the 1st of July 2020 and was later updated in 2020–08–26. The website doesn’t provide any information about who owns or runs the company.

At the time of writing this article, Alexa cites India as the top traffic source contributing to a whopping 85.7% traffic share. It is highly likely that the owner of the company is based out of India.

So far, we couldn’t find anything valuable on the site. This company is not transparent enough about their team, can you expect transparency while they pay you back the returns?

Etherz’s Products

The company has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Etherz affiliate membership itself.

Etherz’s Compensation Plan

Affiliates invest ETH on the promise of advertised returns paid through a 2×16 matrix.

In a 2×16 Matrix, an affiliate at the top of a matrix with two positions directly under them. And then, the first level of the matrix is formed by those two positions. These two positions are then broken down into another two positions each (4 positions), hence forming the second level of the matrix. 

Levels three to sixteen of the matrix are generated in the same manner, with each new level housing twice as many positions as the previous level.

Payments across all sixteen matrix payment tiers are as follows:

  • level 1 — invest 0.03 ETH and get 0.03 ETH from 2 affiliates (0.06 ETH)
  • level 2 — invest 0.05 ETH and get 0.05 ETH from 4 affiliates (0.2 ETH)
  • level 3 — invest 0.08 ETH and get 0.08 ETH from 8 affiliates (0.64 ETH)
  • level 4 — invest 0.23 ETH and get 0.23 ETH from 16 affiliates (3.68 ETH)
  • level 5 — invest 0.84 ETH and get 0.84 ETH from 32 affiliates (26.88 ETH)
  • level 6 — invest 1 ETH and get 1 ETH from 64 affiliates (64 ETH)
  • level 7 — invest 2 ETH and get 2 ETH from 128 affiliates (256 ETH)
  • level 8 — invest 4 ETH and get 4 ETH from 256 affiliates (1024 ETH)
  • level 9 — invest 8 ETH and get 8 ETH from 512 affiliates (4096 ETH)
  • level 10 — invest 16 ETH and get 16 ETH from 1024 affiliates (16,384 ETH)
  • level 11 — invest 32 ETH and get 32 ETH from 2048 affiliates (65,536 ETH)
  • level 12 — invest 64 ETH and get 64 ETH from 4096 affiliates (262,144 ETH)
  • level 13 — invest 128 ETH and get 128 ETH from 8192 affiliates (1,048,576 ETH)
  • level 14 — invest 256 ETH and get 256 ETH from 16,384 affiliates (4,194,304 ETH)
  • level 15 — invest 512 ETH and get 512 ETH from 32,768 affiliates (16,777,216 ETH)
  • level 16 — invest 1024 ETH and get 1024 ETH from 65,535 affiliates (67,108,854 ETH)

Joining Etherz

Joining Etherz affiliate membership requires one to buy one matrix position which is worth 0.03 ETH. Full participation in this scheme would cost you 2048.23 ETH or $802517. 


Etherz is your regular smart-contract Ponzi scheme. You join and invest 0.03 ETH or more. The smart-contract distributes this money to an affiliate who joined before you. In return, you get qualified to receive returns from those who join after you. The cycle goes on and on….

This business model is not sustainable as it requires constant recruitment of new affiliates loading into the 0.03 ETH level of the matrix. 

Only the Owner make money

The only people who benefit from such schemes are the admins and owners of such projects. They sit on the top of the line with their lions share because they are the first ones who invest in their program before marketing it. This way they see their money getting multiplied by a thousand folds. They are also first to cycle into the upper tiers of the gifting cycler, through which the majority of funds gifted in changes hands.

  1. Etherz’s business model is of Ponzi nature because an initial payment is made on the promise of withdrawing more than was invested.
  2. The pyramid nature of the company’s business model is all payments within the scheme are tied to recruitment.

Being a smart-contract scam, the company tries to cash-out of the usual “decentralized” nonsense.

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