GIG-OS Review  –  Ponzi Scheme  –  MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The web domain of the company was registered on the 12th of January 2015 and was later updated on 2015–07–17.

We could find any information about the owner or the team of the company. So we did an online scan about the company, and we found the following trade-offs about them:

  1. GIG-OS initially started as EmGoldex back in 2014.
  2. EmGoldex was called as the gold themed cycler Ponzi scheme that shut doors due to multiple regulatory interventions and fraud investigations from the U.S., Philippines, Malaysia, UAE.
  3. Just after their ‘temporary’ collapse, they just changed their name and started their fraud machine again in 2015.
  4. GIG-OS has been consistently getting thrashed by financial regulators from Curacao and Peru.

In these years of investigations, it was never revealed who owns the company. GIG-OS is currently registered as a shell company in the U.K.

Alright, let’s move on to the next section of this review.

GIG-OS’s Products

The company has no products or services to offer, just the affiliates only able to market GIG-OS affiliate membership itself.

GIG-OS’s Compensation Plan

The GIG-OS affiliates purchase the following matrix cycler positions:

  • Smart — EUR 235
  • Pro — EUR 385
  • Accord — EUR 485
  • Line — EUR 885

The size of the matrix used in GIG-OS is not disclosed.

These cycler positions are valid only for a year and are deemed to additional undisclosed tax fees. Upon the expiry of these cyler positions, the affiliates are required to buy a new cycler position to keep their income consistent.

We can assume that GIG-OS uses a 2×3 matrix since EmGoldex was also using the same one.

The following returns are paid out across the GIG-OS’s four cycler tiers:

  • Smart — This tier includes two positions contributing EUR 300 each (EUR 600 total return)
  • Pro — This tier includes three positions contributing EUR 750 each (EUR 2250 total return)
  • Accord — This tier includes two positions contributing EUR 650 each (EUR 1300 total return)
  • Line — This tier includes two positions contributing EUR 1200 each (EUR 2400 total return)

The reduced returns paid across Accord and Line suggest smaller matrix sizes might be used to speed upcycling.

Leadership Bonus

There is an additional fifteen-tier 4×1 matrix cycler named as the Leadership Bonus.

Qualification for the same requires one to recruit at least three direct affiliates who have invested in positions and also generated a minimum of EUR 35,000 in downline investment volume.

Joining GIG-OS

Joining GIG-OS full income opportunity requires on to invest in the following four-tier positions:

  • Smart — EUR 235
  • Pro — EUR 385
  • Accord — EUR 485
  • Line — EUR 885

Positions are valid for 1 year and are deemed to an additional tax on cycler position purchases. The tax figures are not disclosed publicly.


As you would expect, GIG-OS is an MLM Scam that is just a reboot of EmGoldex. The owners just changed the name, rebranded their investment schemes, and that’s it! The business model is pretty much the same.

At the time of writing this article, Alexa cites Mexico as the top source of their website’s traffic — 54%

Since they do the payouts using new investments by new affiliates, this business model is likely to collapse again (until financial regulators arrest of these fraudsters).

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