Intense Live Review  –  Ponzi Scheme  –  MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The web domain of the company was privately registered on the 19th of July 2018 and was later updated recently on 2020–02–17.

The website does not provide any information about who owns or runs the company. According to the website, the company is based out of Sao Paolo, Brazil. However, Intense Live’s official marketing materials provide an “administrative headquarters” in Orlando, Florida.

All these addresses belong to the virtual address provider, Regus. This means that the company is operating as a shell company in these regions. Further research reveals company’s official marketing videos citing Max Bispo as the company’s CEO.

Apart from these infos, we couldn’t find anything valuable that we could include here.

As always, if the company is not being transparent about its corporate structure, then you must think twice before handing over your hard-earned money to anonymous people on the internet.

Intense Live’s Products

In an attempt to appear legitimate, Intense Live affiliate membership supposedly provides access to a “rent a car” program.

Apart from this, as always, you are required to market the company’s affiliate membership program and pump new users into the system.

Intense Live’s Compensation Plan

The affiliates of the company are required to invest funds on the promise of an advertised monthly return:

  • Master — invest $300 and get $60 a month for the next 12 months (Total — $720)
  • Conservative — invest $600 and get $120 a month for the next 12 months (Total — $1440)
  • Moderate — invest $1800 and get $360 a month for the next 12 months (Total — $4320)
  • Aggressive — invest $3000 and get $800 a month for the next 12 months (Total — $9600)

Recruitment Commissions

Affiliates get rewarded with Recruitment Commissions when they pump new users into the system. These commissions depend upon how much-recruited affiliates spend on membership:

  • recruit a Basic tier affiliate and receive $15
  • recruit a Master tier affiliate and receive $30
  • recruit a Conservative affiliate and receive $60
  • recruit a Moderate tier affiliate and receive $180
  • recruit an Aggressive tier affiliate and receive $300

Residual Recruitment Commissions

The company also pays residual commissions via a binary compensation structure.

Sales volume is tracked in BV, and generated via direct and indirect recruitment of new Intense Live affiliates:

  • recruitment of a Basic tier affiliate generates 50 BV
  • recruitment of a Master tier affiliate generates 100 BV
  • recruitment of a Conservative tier affiliate generates 200 BV
  • recruitment of a Moderate tier affiliate generates 600 BV
  • recruitment of an Aggressive tier affiliate generates 1000 BV

All these commissions are paid out as 10% of generated BV on the weaker binary team side and once BV is paid out on, it is matched against the stronger binary team side and flushed.

The company also rewards its users with lucrative compensation models such as Matching Bonus; Residual Commissions (monthly fees); Rank Achievement Bonus.

Joining Intense Live

Joining Intense Live’s affiliate membership is not free; it requires an initial investment of $150 and goes as high as $3000.

Note: All Intense Live affiliates must also pay an ongoing $15 monthly fee.


The company claims of generating income through ridesharing. This is absolute bullshit because if they have a fleet of cars operational and capable of generating annual returns of over 300%, what do they need your money for? This fails the Ponzi Logic Test.

The company is also offering passive income opportunity without getting registered with the financial regulator of the region, the Brazilian SEC (CMV). This means that the company is illegally offering securities.

As it stands the only verifiable source of revenue entering Intense Live is new investment. And using new funds to pay to the existing affiliates makes it a Ponzi Scheme.

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