OPM Wealth Review  – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The web domain was registered privately on the 11th of February 2019. However, the website was later updated on 16.01.20. The company is run by Stefan Dessalines, and we couldn’t find any information about him and his past experiences.

The name ‘OPMWealth’ stands for ‘Other Peoples Money Wealth’. Basically, the business model of the company is focused on pooled money, where you are able to take some money out of investment shared by subscribers.

The company uses an advanced onboarding process that will interview interested prospects with multiple Zoom meetings. This is to help people understand Bitcoin and ways of getting into cryptocurrencies so that people can start with the program.

OPM Wealth Products

The company does not have any retail line to speak of. All you get is a free account, and with that account, you get access to 17 instructional videos.

Trick — The first 3 videos are free, and then you need to call a consultant if you need access to the next 14 videos.

Thes videos teach you on how to improve your credit score, so that become eligible to get the funding.

The Plutus Plan And How It Works?

The Plutus Plan is the affiliate marketing program powering the OPM Wealth system. This is a program within a program, and this plan is everything where real business takes place.

Plutus program pays you in cryptocurrency, and in order to receive commissions, you will need to satisfy any of these two criteria:

  • Start promoting as a free member and get at least 5 sales.
  • Purchase one of the Plutus Packages

These are the following Plutus Packages that you can buy and skip the promoting process to start earning commissions right away:

  • Hermes ($2000)
  • Apollo ($5000)
  • Athena ($8500)
  • Poseidon ($14500)
  • Zeus ($27500)

To get commissions to your wallet, you can request a payout which is paid through one of the following cryptocurrencies, Etherium, Litecoin and Bitcoin.

OPM Wealth Compensation Plan

The company pays commissions through a unilevel compensation plan, capped at 2 levels.

Below is the breakdown of commission percentages based on the packages sold:

  • Hermes — $1,200 commission on level 1 and $200 on level 2
  • Apollo — $3,000 commission on level 1 and $500 on level 2
  • Athena — $5,100 commission on level 1 and $850 on level 2
  • Poseidon — $8,700 commission on level 1 and $1,450 on level 2
  • Zeus — $16,500 commission on level 1 and $2,750 on level 2


First of all, for any MLM opportunity to operate legally in countries like the U.S or Canada, a retail line is a must!

OPM Wealth does not provide any products or services, just its product packages backing a strong affiliate system focused on pumping new users in the system.

Federal Trade Commission says,

  • Promoters make extravagant promises about your earning potential. Stop. Such promises are false.
  • Promoters emphasize recruiting new distributors for your sales network as the real way to make money. Walk away. In a legitimate MLM program, you should be able to make money just by selling the product.
  • Promoters play on your emotions or use high-pressure sales tactics, maybe saying you’ll lose the opportunity if you don’t act now and discouraging you from taking time to study the company. Leave by the nearest exit. Any company that tries to pressure you to join is one to avoid.
  • Distributors buy more products than they want to use or can resell, just to stay active in the company or to qualify for bonuses or other rewards. If you see this happening, keep your money.

The company’s business model is unsustainable, and the only way members earn money are through new investments. The Plutus packages are costly, just to back the enormous loans provided by the company to its users.

Also, regulators may any day intervene and freeze OPM Wealth due to its non-transparent nature.

The company also doesn’t provide any certification of incorporation on its website, so we really don’t know from where it is being operated.

You can see, there are so many red flags and serious concerns about the website that is stopping us from recommending this investment opportunity.

We will end by saying, it is your money and always do your due diligence before making any investment decisions. And never invest anything more than you are willing to lose.

Thank you!

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