PayBit Club Review –  Ponzi Scheme  -  MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

PayBit Club comes under the merchant processing MLM niche. The web domain of the company was privately registered on the 4th of February 2020.

Daniel Cruz and Jairo Flores run the company. Outside the company’s ecosystem, we couldn’t find any online footprint pointing to these guys that could tell us more about their background.

PayBit Club Products

The company offers a service which can be used by merchants and get rewarded. PayBit Club is an incentivized merchant processing platform. In this platform, they charge a 2% transaction fee of the sale.

Forget about investing on an ATM machine, as merchant signup with us and become the ATM with zero investment and earn up to 6% everytime you provide cash to a person selling bitcoin.

PayBit Club Compensation Plan

Affiliates earn commissions as a percentage of the transaction fees. They also earn commissions on personally sponsoring affiliates that purchase one of the following packages:

  • Starter — $25 | Affiliates investing in the starter pack get access to the back office, residual on transactions 0.1%.
  • Newbie — $50| Affiliates investing in the Newbie pack get access to starter services and eCommerce system commissions of 50%, residual on transaction 0.25%.
  • Amateur — $125| Affiliates investing in the Amateur pack get access to all newbie services plus virtual tool kit to get merchants and eCommerce system commissions of 100%, residual on transaction 0.37%..
  • Partner — $250| Affiliates investing in the Partner pack get access to all amateur services, plus virtual tool kit to get affiliates, residual on transaction 0.5%.
  • Manager — $500| Affiliates investing in the Manager pack get access to all partner services plus online crypto education, earn 25% in earning pool and residual on transaction 0.5%.
  • Director — $1,000| Affiliates investing in the Director pack get access to all manager services, earn 0.5% transactions and 35% in earnings pool.
  • Founder — $5,000| Affiliates investing in the Founder pack get access to all director services, earn 0.5% on transactions and 40% in earnings pool.

Direct Sales Commissions

You are also allowed to earn 5% commissions when Merchants start selling something from the Paybit Market and your customer purchases it.

Note: The affiliate would receive a one-time $62.50 commissions and a $6.25 every month if the merchant decides to go with their own branded web store.

Residual Commissions

The residual commissions depend upon the affiliate package you have bought.

  • Starter — 0.1%
  • Newbie — 0.25%
  • Amateur — 0.37%
  • Partner and Above — 0.5%

Expansion Bonus

If a merchant joins under your referral link, you can get 50% BV on the respective package you purchased to join the affiliate membership. BV is 0.5 cents to the dollar.

Example: If you invested $5000 in the founder affiliate package, you earn $1250

Binary Commissions

The company also pays binary commissions. Know how binary commissions work:

  • Starter — $25 per day
  • Newbie — $50 per day
  • Amateur — $125 per day
  • Partner — $250 per day
  • Manager — $500 per day
  • Director — $1000 per day
  • Founder — $5000 per day

Team Matching Bonus

When you recruit someone, and they make a binary bonus, you get 20% from that bonus.

Pool Bonus

As said earlier, a 2% transaction fee is levied on every merchant’s transactions. Below is the breakdown of that transaction:

  • 0.5% to the affiliate under whom the merchant signup
  • 0.5% goes to the company for R&D purposes
  • 1% goes to club members

Rank Bonus

The company as 12 ranks under which they categorize affiliates according to their achievements and reward them with gifts:

· Bronze — Generate 5,000 BV and get a Pin as a gift

· Silver — Generate 15,000 BV and get a Trophy as a gift

· Platinum — Generate 50,000 BV and get an iPad as a gift

· Gold — Generate 100,000 BV and get a Macbook as a gift

· Sapphire — Generate 250,000 BV and get a Watch/Bag as a gift

· Ruby — Generate 500,000 BV and get a Trip as a gift

· Emerald — Generate 1,000,000 BV and get a Honda Accord as a gift

· Diamond — Generate 2,500,000 BV and get a Mercedes as a gift

· Blue Diamond — Generate 5,000,000 BV and get a Maserati as a gift

· Black Diamond — Generate 20,000,000 BV and get a Home as a gift

· Ambassador — Generate 50,000,000 BV and get 10% profits

Cost To Join PayBit Club

Signup in any of these affiliate membership plans and you are ready to roll:

  • Starter — $25
  • Newbie — $50
  • Amateur — $125
  • Partner — $250
  • Manager — $500
  • Director — $1,000
  • Founder — $5,000

Always remember, the potential of your income to scale depends upon your investment.


One thing we like about this company is they are offering a retail option, which is very very rare in the modern MLM industry.

The only RED FLAG we see is the affiliate side of the business where you have to pay to join the company as an affiliate and also, your income potential fully depends upon your investment.

A famous MLM attorney Thomas Ritter has written an amazing article ‘The MLM Pay to Play Dilemma’ where he points out how this is an illegal business model and can get the owners in trouble with the financial regulators such as FTC.

Read the article here:

As per law, PayBit Club is an illegal MLM opportunity. Financial regulators can raid the company anytime, and your funds may be seized.

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