Rise Network Review – Ponzi Scheme  – MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The web domain of the company was registered on the 10th of September 2019.

According to the website, the company is incorporated in Texas,
US and is headed by Hitesh Juneja, Kevin Hokoana and Jason Rose.

We did some research on them, and we found that these trios have been partners since 2013 when they first launched their dropshipping training + pyramid recruitment program — DS Domination. They were able to run their pyramid business only for two years and when the recruitment slumped they had to close doors. Soon after the close of DS Domination, they started a new business along with an additional partner named Roger Langille.

Sadly, after a few months, Roger Langille cashed out and left.

In late 2015, Juneja and Hokoana launched Infinii, another dropshipping program. Juneja and Hokoana were accused of illegally offering securities. By 2016 Infinii had also failed, and these master fraudster decided to do a reboot launch of Options Domination as Infinii Digital Signal Forge.

All three companies vanished after 2016, and we couldn’t find any information about their business ventures in the last three years.

Rise Network’s Products

Rise Network has no products or services to offer, just the affiliates only able to market Rise Network affiliate membership itself.

After signing up for the affiliate membership, these affiliates get access to marketing tools that are intended to be used with Unbox — an eCommerce platform.

Rise Network marketing presentations reveal some ‘business centres’ which include:

  • Metabolic Design
  • Naturally Essential Oils
  • Regenefi
  • Payment processing and Management
  • TORT
  • Legal Relief
  • Content
  • BlockCommerce

The cost of the Unbox affiliate membership is an additional $99 and then $39 to $299 a month

A $99 one-time non-affiliate membership option is also available.

Rise Network’s Compensation Plan

Rise Network’s compensation plan does not seem like a typical MLM. They have cleverly set the monthly affiliate membership fee to $47, where you get paid $25 per month per recruit.

On the other hand, Unbox affiliates pay $99, and then they pay anything between $39 to $299 a month, depending upon their plan.

Commissions paid on non-affiliate and affiliate Unbox members are as follows:

  • 100% commission on initial membership fees paid (minus payment processing fees).
  • 40% on residual membership fees paid by direct recruits.

On the Unbox commissions, a 10% matching bonus is paid.

Joining Rise Network

Joining the Rise Network affiliate membership will cost you $47 a month.

The company’s affiliate membership is available at three price-tiers:

  • Pro — initially fee $99 and then $39 a month
  • Elite — initially fee $99 and then $99 a month
  • Enterprise — initially fee $99 and then $299 a month


When we were doing our research we had a look at Hitesh Juneja’s LinkedIn profile where he cites himself as a co-founder of J&H Business Institute Corp. ‘J’ in J&H Business Institute stands for ‘Junega’ and ‘H’ stands for Hokoana, as Kevin Hokoana is the other co-founder. And through J&H Business Institute, Juneja is telling people he and Hokoana are part owners of Unbox.

Apart from minute mis-representations we dint find anything illegal in their business. We do agree that Rise Network appears to be a single-level pyramid scheme and with no retial option to offer (the mareting tools don’t count) and this might be the only issues here.

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