Strongbox250 Review  – Ponzi Scheme – MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The web domain of the company was privately registered on the 3rd of December, 2019. As per the address provided on the site, StrongBox 250 is incorporated in the U.K.

Fact: The U.K. is one of the most favourable jurisdictions for scammers, and most the shady MLMs are registered in the U.K. Also, U.K. incorporation is dirt cheap.

The office address provided on the site belongs to a virtual office registrar.

It is highly likely that the owner is operating from some different country. We saw the use of the French language on the website, so we aren’t sure if the owner’s origin is from the U.K.


The team page of the website has four team members.

A brief look at their social handles suggest that CEO and DOM are life partners (maybe), but the other two guys Ivan and Alberto have no social handles linked on the team page — suggesting that these two faces are dummy executives of the company.

Mario and Olyeska are of Spanish origin.

CEO’s Past Experience

Mario Gomez has an online footprint of promoting Gold-themed Ponzi schemes.

2015 — Swiss Golden Ponzi Scheme.

2017 — Swiss Gold Market Ponzi Scheme.

2019 — MiningVIP Ponzi scheme.

2020 — His new venture, StrongBox 250.

Strongbox250’s Products

The company has no products or services to offer, with affiliates only able to market Strongbox250 affiliate membership itself.

It is important to note that an MLM must offer a retail option if it is being offered in countries like the U.S. and Canada.

Strongbox250’s Compensation Plan

Strongbox250 promises daily returns on funds invested by the affiliates. Investment plans are called “activity packages”. The following returns are paid for 250 days:

  • invest €100 and get €0.80 a day
  • invest €500 and get €4 a day

The above are some activity packages that were specifically listed on the site. Other activity packages permit investment between €25 to €100,000.

Recruitment Commissions

A commission of 5% is rewarded to Strongbox250 affiliates on behalf of funds invested by their direct recruits. Also, Strongbox 250 pays out an additional 10% commission for every group of three personally recruited affiliates.

Residual Commissions

The company also pays residual commissions using a binary compensation structure. These commissions are paid based on the volume of investment by each affiliate:

  • invest between €25 to €50 and get a 5% residual commission rate
  • invest between €100 to €300 and get a 6% residual commission rate
  • invest between €500 to €1000 and get a 7% residual commission rate
  • invest between €3000 to €5000 and get an 8% residual commission rate
  • invest between €10,000 to €20,000 and get a 9% residual commission rate
  • invest a minimum of €50,000 or more and get a 10% residual commission rate

Rank Achievement Bonus

Strongbox250 also rewards its affiliates when they reach a particular rank. These ranks are determined based accumulated binary team volume.

  • Accumulated binary team volume — €1000 | Reward — €30
  • Accumulated binary team volume — €3000 | Reward — €90
  • Accumulated binary team volume — €5000 | Reward — €150
  • Accumulated binary team volume — €10000 | Reward — €300
  • Accumulated binary team volume — €15000 | Reward — €450 and a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet
  • Accumulated binary team volume — €25000 | Reward — €750 and an Apple Watch
  • Accumulated binary team volume — €50000 | Reward — €1500 and an iPhone 11
  • Accumulated binary team volume — €100,000 | Reward — €3000 and a Macbook Pro 16″
  • Accumulated binary team volume — €500000 | Reward — €15,000 and a Hyundai i30
  • Accumulated binary team volume — €1,000,000 | Reward — €40,000 and a “gold ring with diamonds.”
  • Accumulated binary team volume — €3,000,000 | Reward — €120,000 and an Audi Q5
  • Accumulated binary team volume — €5,000,000 | Reward — €200,000 and an Audi TT
  • Accumulated binary team volume — €10,000,000 | Reward — €400,000 and an Audi R8
  • Accumulated binary team volume — €15,000,000 | Reward — €600,000 and a Mercedes Benz AMG GT
  • Accumulated binary team volume — €25,000,000 | Reward — €1,000,000 and a Ferrari Portofino

The binary team side volume is tracked annually, and it resets every 12 months.

Additionally, one recruitment leg can only contribute up to 30% of the required binary team volume.

Co-founder Investment Scheme

You buy yourself a ‘co-founder position’ by paying €1500, and you will become eligible for lifetime profits paid out of €10 fees charged to all affiliates.

Add to that a 10% single-level commission that is also paid if you manage to sell someone a Strongbox250 co-founder position.

Joining Strongbox250

Strongbox250 affiliate membership costs €10 EUR. Full participation in the attached income opportunity will require an initial €25 to €100,000 investment.

Payment Modes: Bitcoin and Ethereum


StrongBox250 promises to give you financial freedom in 3 years, and why not? Especially when the CEO has a fantastic past with Ponzi Schemes.

In a nutshell, affiliates are required to log in every day and do some clicks in order to get returns.

No Proof of Income

StrongBox250 claims of generating revenue through various tasks, such as ‘e-commerce, trading in financial markets, sports trading, and other profitable investments’. You shouldn’t believe any of these claims unless the company provide any substantial proof to back its claim.

Illegal Securities Offering

Not only the MLM is operating illegally without having any retail option, but it is also committing securities fraud by promoting passive investment opportunities without any license from any financial regulator.

Pyramid Scheme

Well… So the only valid source of income coming into the system is the new investment. And these investments are used to reward the existing affiliates You know the maths behind pyramid scheme, they will only operate until new funds keep coming in — when the new funds stop the MLM collapses.

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