Super 6 Group Review  –  Ponzi Scheme  –  MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The web domain of the company was registered on the 8th of March 2020. According to Super 6 Group marketing videos, Dr. Stefan Pienaar is the founder of the company. 

Stefan has a slight South African accent which makes us believe that he is based out of Africa. Also, he has been involved in many MLMs in the past. 

In 2010, he was the developer behind the company Dynamic Travel Network. The company was a travel niche MLM pyramid scheme.

By 2017, he was involved with Crypto Wealth, a bitcoin gifting scheme.

And in March 2019, Pienaar was CEO of Global Rewards Program International, an e-commerce pyramid scheme. 

So far, the online footprint of Stefan looks shady as all of his past positions are linked to pyramid schemes. 

Super 6 Group’s Products

The company has no products or services to offer but affiliates only able to market Super 6 Group affiliate membership itself.

Super 6 Group’s Compensation Plan

Currently, the company runs a total of two pyramid schemes, namely, Speedway 7 and Speedway 16

Speedway 7

Speedway 7 positions cost $7.20 and run through a three-tier 4×5 matrix pyramid scheme. Recruitment commissions paid across the first Speedway 7 tier matrix are as follows:

  • level 1 has four positions— $1 per position filled ($4 total)
  • level 2 has sixteen positions — $1 per position filled ($16 total)
  • level 3 has sixty-four positions — $1 per position filled ($64 total)
  • level 4 has two hundred fifty-six positions) — $2 per position filled ($512 total)
  • level 5 has 1024 positions — $2 per position filled ($2048 total)

Only $710 is paid out of the $2644 generated by filling a Speedway 7 matrix. The rest goes towards fees, entry into Block 2 and creation of fifteen new Speedway 7 matrix positions. Speedway 7’s 2nd tier matrix generates $135,400, of which $75,520 is kept. The third tier generates $305,360, of which $201,948 is kept. Filling a Speedway 7 tier matrix also generates twenty-one new Speedway 16 matrix positions.

Speedway 16

This program uses the same three-tier 4×5 matrix structure as Speedway 7 (see above) and each position costs $16.20. These positions can also be obtained by cycling out of Speedway 7’s third matrix tier.

Commissions paid across Speedway 16’s first matrix tier are $7260, of which $4038 is kept. Filling the first Speedway 16 matrix generates four new Speedway 16 matrix positions. Commissions paid across Speedway 16’s second matrix tier are $373,920, of which $246,336 is kept. Commissions paid out across Speedway 16’s third matrix tier are $1,002,200, of which $745,760 is kept.

Joining Super 6 Group

Joining the company’s affiliate membership is free. But participation in the attached income opportunity requires a minimum investment of $7.20 Speedway 7 position and/or $16.20 Speedway 16 position.


In every-cycle, the founder of the company earns $365,157 in admin fees. This simply means that the company is a multi-tier pyramid scheme and the primary beneficiary is Dr. Stefan and also a number of people who got in early. 

The company also claims of generating revenue through investing in crypto products like bitcoin mining but fails to provide any substantial proof to back its claims. 

Being a matrix-based scheme, Pienaar’s final act of thievery will see him keep funds trapped in stalled matrices when the pyramid collapses. 

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