TheAdvertCo Review – Ponzi Scheme –  MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The web domain of the company was privately registered on the 9th of January 2020 and was later updated on 2020–06–02.

The opportunity is pretty new and recently went viral. The Advertco operates in the crypto marketing MLM nice.

Heading AdvertCo is the CEO, Anthony Nicomedes. We believe Anthony Nicomedes is just a fictitious character because he has no digital footprint. The man does not exist outside the ecosystem of the company.

Shell Company Registered in Hong Kong

The AdvertCo claims that their header quarters is in:

And doing an online search revealed that have just rented a virtual address with one receptionist to take all emails and messages.

It’s pretty much easy to run shady businesses like these, where you only need to register a shell company, rent a virtual address with a receptionist to take emails and messages and you earn while maintaining your privacy.

Alright, let’s move on to the next section of this review.

TheAdvertco Products

The company does not have any products or services to offer. It is only offering its affiliate membership in order to bring more uses into the system and make more money off them.

TheAdvertco Compensation Plan

The Advertco affiliates invest money on the promise of advertised returns. Affiliates also earn referral commissions and residual commissions as a percentage on funds invested by their downlines.

  • Promotor — invest $100-$2499 and get 1.5% ROI over 120 days (capped at $500 per day)
  • Booster — invest $2500-$9999 and get 1.75% ROI over 120 days (capped at $1000 per day)
  • Splasher — invest $10000-$24999 and get 2% ROI over 120 days (capped at $2000 per day)
  • Mentor — invest $25000-$34999 and get 2.25% ROI over 120 days (capped at $3000 per day)
  • Expert — invest $35000-$50000 and get 2.5% ROI over 120 days (capped at $5000 per day)

Referral Commissions

The Advertco affiliates receive a referral commission on funds invested by their direct recruits. Affiliates referral percentage depends upon the amount they have invested:

  • Promotor — earn 6%
  • Booster — earn 7%
  • Splasher — earn 8%
  • Mentor — earn 9%
  • Expert — earn 10%

Residual Commissions

The company has a binary compensation plan structure in place to pay all residual commissions. The earning potential through residual commission is capped as per your investment.

  • Promotor can earn a maximum of $500
  • Booster can earn a maximum of $1000
  • Splasher can earn a maximum of $2000
  • Mentor can earn a maximum of $3000
  • Expert can earn a maximum of $5000

Cost To Join TheAdvertco

The Advertco affiliate membership fee is tied to an investment package which ranges from $100 to $50,000.

Final Verdict

The company has created an illusion that it is offering services related to internet marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, google ads marketing etc, but in reality, these services have nothing to do with the investment opportunity. The Advertco is a typical MLM opportunity under the guise of an internet marketing company.

Since they are paying ROIs, it is unclear how the company is generating revenue to honour these payouts. We couldn’t see any proof that shows their external revenue stream.

Following are the reasons that explain why we think this is a scam:

  1. The Advertco is registered as a shell company in Hong Kong. The company is also using virtual address in order to look legitimate.
  2. Advertco’s owners are anonymous, and the website is using stock photos or actors.
  3. Advertco is a typical MLM opportunity under the guise of an internet marketing company since both sides of the business have no internal co-relation.
  4. The only verifiable source of revenue going into the company is the new investment, and advertco is using new investment’s funds to honour payout to existing affiliates.
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