Uhuru Tribe Review  –  Ponzi Scheme  –  MLM Scam

Website & Company Information

The web domain of the company was registered privately on the 1st of February 2018 and was later updated on 2020–02–01. The company does not provide any information about who owns or runs the company on their website.

A look at Uhuru Tribe’s marketing copy on the website revealed that the company is being run by someones who is based out of South Africa. We can say this because the marketing copy uses the word ‘Stokvel’ and Stokvel is a South African terminology.

Further research revealed that most of the marketing videos are handles by this guy:

His is name is Coenraad “Coenie” Botha, and in one video it can be clearly seen that he holds an admin account in Uhuru Tribe.

This screenshot proves that Coenraad Botha owns and runs the company. His Facebook profile suggests that he is from Swakopmund, Namibia. However, the company is using South African bank accounts.

It is really unclear whether Botha is running this company from South Africa or Namibia and if he has any history in the MLM industry but we did find a shred of evidence that shows he was the subject of a corruption investigation by Namibia’s Anti-Corruption Commission in 2013. Here is the link: https://www.namibian.com.na/index.php?id=107112&page=archive-read

Alright, so far it’s not looking good, but lets move on to the next section of this review.

Uhuru Tribe’s Products

The company has no products or services to offer but affiliates only able to market Uhuru Tribe affiliate membership itself.

If an MLM opportunity is operating or serving clients from the U.S and Canada, then it must have a retail option. Otherwise, the business will be deemed illegal.

Uhuru Tribe’s Compensation Plan

The company offers multiple investment plans to speak of. The company also pays commissions when both BTC (Bitcoin) and UHC are deposited with the company and are invested in the company’s plans.

UHC stands for Uhuru Cash — company’s native token introduced to track and pay rewards.

Uhuru Tribe Affiliate Ranks

Uhuru Tribe’s compensation plan currently hosts eight affiliate ranks. Each rank has its own qualification criteria. Ranks with their respective qualification criteria are listed below:

  • Members — sign up and continue to pay Uhuru Tribe affiliate membership fees
  • Tribesman — have 2 direct recruits under you and also have at least four affiliates in your downline and have invested in at least 2 Fraxion positions
  • Elder — have 4 direct recruits under you and also have at least 26 members in your downline (minimum four Tribesman) and have invested in at least 6 Fraxion positions
  • Headman — have 6 direct recruits under you and also have at least 125 members in your downline (minimum 4 Elders) and have invested in at least 24 Fraxion positions
  • Clan Chief — have 8direct recruits under you and also have at least 625 affiliates in your downline (minimum 4 Headman) and have invested in at least 90 Fraxion positions
  • Chief — have 15 direct recruits under you and also have at least 3125 recruits in your downline (minimum 4 Clan Chiefs) and have invested in at least 375 Fraxion positions
  • Reg Chief — have 28 direct recruits under you and also have at least 15625 in your downline (minimum 4 Chiefs) and have invested in at least 1500 Fraxion positions
  • Head Chief — have 40 direct recruits under you and have at least 78125 in your downline (minimum 4 Reg Chiefs) and have invested in at least 600 Fraxion positions

Note: The company solicits investment in Fraxion positions for 50 UHC. These are open-ended investment positions that pay returns for two and a half years.

UHC Investment Plans

Affiliates deposit Bitcoin in exchange for UHC points. Uhuru Tribe’s website does not disclose the current internal UHC exchange rate.

Once the affiliates acquire UHC points, they become eligible to invest UHC as per the following plans:

  • Starter — invest a minimum of 25 UHC and get a 0.28% daily ROI for 11 weeks.
  • Bronze — invest a minimum of 50 UHC and get a 0.32% daily ROI for 25 weeks.
  • Silver — invest a minimum of 250 UHC and get a 0.36% daily ROI for 40 weeks.
  • Gold — invest a minimum of 1000 UHC or more and get a 0.58% daily ROI for 53 weeks.

All the ROIs are paid in UHC.

Uhuru Trade

This is a passive investment scheme where affiliates invest UHC to get weekly returns. Investment limits and maturity periods are undisclosed.

Other Reward Systems

Uhuru Tribe has multiple reward systems to lure new affiliates into investing and recruiting. The system constitutes the following reward mechanisms:

FX Trade

Residual Commissions

Rank Achievement Bonus

Joining Uhuru Tribe

Joining fees for Uhuru Tribe affiliate membership is 2.50 UHC and then 25 UHC a month.

The company only accepts Bitcoin


Uhuru Tribe shows that it operates under the cryptocurrency market niche, but in reality, it has nothing to do with the crypto market. Its underlying currency is South African Rand, and Uhuru Tribe uses matrices to honour commission payments.

The Uhuru Cash points reward system is a pure Ponzi scheme because UHC has no value outside the Uhuru Tribe’s ecosystem. Company has millions of dollars worth of UHC tokens (speculative value) where it rewards its users using the same tokens. Users believe that they are getting something in return of their bitcoins, but in reality, it is just another shitcoin.

Ponzi Scheme

The only sound source of income going into the company is the new investment, and the company uses new funds to honour payouts to existing affiliates. This makes it a classic Ponzi scheme.

Illegal Securities Offering

Uhuru Tribe is soliciting passive investment opportunities, and it does not hold any affiliation with any financial regulators. This means that it is illegally offering securities.

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