XEMXLink Review  –  Ponzi Scheme  –  MLM Scam

After getting an angry remark on BehindMLM’s posts about the defunct RBCG Bank Ponzi scheme, I decided to investigate Laurie Suarez’s activities.

Suarez created another MLM crypto Ponzi scam following the collapse of RBCG Bank.

Xeniumx’s website does not provide any information about the company’s ownership or management.

We must consult Xeniumx’s whitepaper for this information. We learn that Laurie Suarez is the President of Xeniumx.

In the lack of other corporate information, I will assume that Suarez also owns Xeniumx.

Suarez’s corporate bio on Xeniumx’s website looks to be inaccurate.

The original domain name for Xeniumx’s website (“xeniumx.com”) was registered in March 2020.

That domain name has since been redirected to “xemx.org,” which was registered two months later, in May 2020.

The other domain associated with Xeniumx is “xemxlink.com,” which was registered in May 2021.

Xeniumx did not exist in 2019. Suarez appears to be trading off his prior Ponzi scheme, the RBCG Bank.

We must travel even further back in time to Suarez’s BehindMLM debut with The Berlin Group to understand the scheme.

Suarez founded The Berlin Group in November 2018. It was his first multi-level marketing (MLM) cryptocurrency Ponzi scam.

The Berlin Group filed for bankruptcy in December 2018. Suarez continued to extort victims of The Berlin Group in 2019 via a series of reboot Ponzi schemes.

The Recycle Bot was first released as a last-ditch effort to save The Berlin Group. That only lasted a few months.

Notably, Suarez responded to Recycle Bot’s demise with a racist diatribe. Suarez’s web activities are replete with crude bogan insults.

Suarez relaunched Recycle Bot as RB Global Crypto Bank using the remnants of Recycle Bot.

RB Global Crypto Bank operated for approximately one month. Suarez relaunched RB Global Crypto Bank as RBCG Bank.

Suarez was threatening and insulting RBCG Bank victims as of October 2019.

Even by Suarez’s standards, that was a low-effort launch. BitcoinTalk readers were quick to call out Suarez’s plagiarism of the Xeniumx whitepaper.

XeniumX began with the issuance of XEMX ERC-20 tokens. That Ponzi scheme imploded shortly.

Suarez relaunched Xeniumx with the XEMXLink cryptocurrency around June 2021.

I believe the XEMXLink reboot was the catalyst for the abandonment of the old Xeniumx website domain.

As it currently stands, Xeniumx is doomed to failure.

The domain “xemx.org” serves as a payment mechanism for Suarez’s XEMX coins.

The name “xemxlink.com” serves as a payment channel for Suarez’s XEMXLink tokens.

As of early September, “xemx.online” is expected to serve as XEMXLink’s public-facing website.

Suarez has restarted his trading bot script at “xeniumfx.com.”

XeniumFX packages VPS hosting with access to Suarez’s bot oddly.

Monthly fees range from $30 to $110.

This time, Suarez had abandoned multi-level marketing instead of a 5% single-level commission.

On a quantitative level, the abandoned XEMX shitcoin is now trading for 0.3 cents ($0.003). $245 for a 24-hour volume, a lot of awe.

Although XEMXLink does not have a USD value, its BTC trading price follows a classic pump and dump pattern.

Suarez’s next move looks to be launching a XEMXLink-branded eCommerce platform.

In summary, it appears as though nobody other than Suarez and a handful of his friends are promoting XEMXLink (or whatever it is restarted as).

I’m 99.9 % certain Suarez himself made the harsh statement that prompted me to re-examine Suarez.

This story is likely to attract a few randoms from Queensland who claim Suarez is the second coming of Christ in black and blue.

Suarez has left financial wreckage in his wake since his start with The Berlin Group. XEMXLink and everything before it was established for one purpose only: to move money from unsuspecting investors to Suarez and his friends’ pockets.

If you are not a member of that organization, you will lose money. And while you’re losing money, Suarez will abuse and threaten you in his usual rude style.

Suarez may even include you on his public relations rag “The Block Talks” if you genuinely get under his skin.

I understand being greedy and pursuing Ponzi wealth. However, if you desire the abuse that comes with it, several possibilities exist.

Proceed to the neighborhood pub and instigate a fight. Significantly less expensive.



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